Monitors are used to show information on any item placed on a worksheet. Monitors can be added or deleted. To add a monitor, select, then right click on any equipment or flow line on the worksheet to show the menu options for that equipment, and select "monitors." Then select the monitors to be shown.

Bedrock Software Inc. is planning the release of AggOpti in 2017. AggOpti is a new AggFlow feature that will enable producers to match a plant simulation to a sales forecast and solve for the most effective schedule to give the highest efficiency and revenue. AggOpti will show by plant stage the achievable and shortfall sales, inventory changes, plant production and plant running costs by month for the sales forecast period.

A new update for the AggFlow USB program has been released that brings the USB program to the same level as AggFlow DM. This update maintains the offline and worksheet design approach of the classic USB program to allow users to continue working from their computer files. With this latest release all AggFlow users will have the same program and the same equipment without file compatibility issues. Users can either take advantage of DM’s control panel features, or they can continue to use the program as before with individual files and worksheets for each simulation.