Step 1 – Launch AggFlow using the desktop Icon.
Step 2 – Enter your username and password, use create account or reset password as needed.
Step 3
  • To open the DM control panel – Click on Launch AggFlow DM

  • To go directly to the AggFlow Worksheet (AggFlow Classic) plug in your USB key and click on Worksheet only

A new update for AggFlow DM has been released with features to help users migrate from the USB Security key version of AggFlow to AggFlow DM. Soon the old version will be discontinued and users are encouraged to download their free DM upgrade. With this latest release all AggFlow users will finally be able to use the same program and have the same equipment without any compatibility issues. Users can either take advantage of DM’s control panel features, or they can continue to use the program as before (with individual files and worksheets).

For Feed Equipment and Crushers, select on the worksheet, then right click on the equipment and select Adjust Setup,

For Specifications select Database from the main menu and select View/Edit Specifications

  1. Create new Gradation (or Specification)
  2. Export to Excel to see format required
  3. Make Changes, select data and copy in Excel
  4. Paste from Excel into New gradation/Specification