AggFlow DM (Design and Manage) is the latest version of AggFlow. It includes secure online data storage, eliminating the need for a hardware USB key required with previous versions during online use. AggFlow DM itself offers two separate products.

AggFlow Design

AggFlow Design provides plant design assistance for equipment suppliers, engineers and producers, allowing plant designers to compare and contrast  the impact of different machinery, plant setups and operating modes. The program is an excellent tool for the design of new plants in order to optimize the proposed plant layout and identify what equipment will best meet intended goals. In existing plants, AggFlow Design users can build a plant simulation model that reflects the current process flow, and then test scenarios and calculations with new or different equipment.

AggFlow DM will identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, allow users to conduct unlimited “what if” scenarios, and ultimately develop solutions. The program helps to validate and increase confidence in new equipment choices, by demonstrating how this equipment will improve production while reducing costly plant down-time, production errors, emissions and fuel consumption.

With an AggFlow Design license a user can create unlimited simulations either with the AggFlow DM control panel, or by using individual worksheets and project files.

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NEW AggFlow Manage Project and
Production Scheduler

An AggFlow Manage Project allows aggregate producers and miners to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the plant, and then accurately assess potential changes to maximize plant efficiency and achieve optimum production mixes. An AggFlow Manage Project is available in an individual project license that allows an unlimited number of free users, who do not need any type of additional AggFlow license, to access the project (access permissions are managed by the license administrator).

Production Scheduler is a NEW module for AggFlow Manage that provides producers – at the plant manager level – with a definitive, yet simple method to directly tie production into sales forecasts. Once an accurate plant model is in place via AggFlow Manage, Production Scheduler allows the plant manager to use simulated production scenarios to quickly and automatically create production schedules based on forecast sales and commitments – producing what they need for when they need it.

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Are you an educator? BedRock Software provides an educational version of AggFlow free of charge to any accredited institution that wishes to utilize AggFlow in its curriculum. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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