Related Pages. Happy New Year Year everyone! 445] Zeref's personal guards, the Spriggan 12 (スプリガン12, Supurigan Tuerubu), possess powers that surpass Ishgal's supreme Wizard Saint, the eight-element Dragon Slayer God Serena (ゴッドセレナ, Goddo Serena), who defects to join the group.[ch. 69], The Tower of Heaven (楽園の塔, Rakuen no Tō, lit. Show the other admins love! 97] Following Jellal's defeat, Erza's remaining friends decline her invitation to join Fairy Tail and go their separate ways,[ch. 1] She performs paid guild missions together with Natsu and Happy to fund her rented house in Magnolia,[ch. 414, 465]. 273] and Rufus Lore (ルーファス・ロア, Rūfasu Roa), a masked man who uses Memory Make (記憶造形, メモリーメイク, Memorī Meiku) to create new spells based on those he memorizes.[ch. 420], Lyon Vastia (リオン・バスティア, Rion Basutia), spelled "Bastia" in the English anime dub, is Gray Fullbuster's rival and senior disciple under Ur. 52:185] describing their abilities as "cheating magic" that other authors would generally avoid using to preserve the framework of the story.[vol. Wendy Marvell - Sky Sorceress. Words. 481], Mashima considered the Spriggan 12 to be the strongest characters in the series,[vol. The designs for Hisui and the Hungry Wolf Knights sans their leader were submitted by readers as part of a character design contest in the book Chotto Moorimashita, with Hisui's design being the winner.[vol. who was sent 400 years from the past by his brother, Zeref Dragneel, as part of a larger conspiracy to kill both Zeref and the evil dragon Acnologia.[ch. 22] It initially consists of Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and Happy at the suggestion of the celestial spirit Plue shortly after Lucy's induction into the guild,[ch. She is the teenage debutante of the wealthy Heartfilia family who embarks on a journey to join Fairy Tail, which she fulfills after Natsu Dragneel rescues her from a slave trader posing as a Fairy Tail member under his own moniker of "Salamander".[ch. 254] Macao Conbolt (マカオ・コンボルト, Makao Konboruto) is a man who creates purple-colored flames that adhere to objects and cannot be doused by water or wind;[ch. 120] Before revealing his physical appearance, Mystogan usually casts sleeping spells on his guildmates whenever he visits, in order to prevent them from uncovering his identity.[ch. 232] during one failed mission, he loses his left limbs and several internal organs after getting mauled by Acnologia.[ch. 94] He then attempts to sacrifice Erza to reincarnate Zeref, killing their friend Simon in a duel against Natsu Dragneel. 201] Cana joins Fairy Tail at the age of six after her mother's death to search for her father, Gildarts Clive. 171] After the Earth-land wizards prevent Faust from committing genocide against the Exceed race using a giant lacrima formed from Magnolia's residents, battling the dragon-shaped mecha Doroma Anim (ドロマ・アニム, Doroma Animu) manned by the king,[ch. 46, 241] Ultear joins forces with Grimoire Heart to modify her magic with Zeref's power to travel to the past and exact revenge on Ur.[ch. Natsu and Lucy lives are suddenly intertwined when the worst thing they could imagine happens. 250], Makarov Dreyar (マカロフ・ドレアー, Makarofu Doreā) is the son of guild co-founder Yuri Dreyar (ユーリ・ドレアー, Yūri Doreā), and serves as the third and incumbent master of the Fairy Tail guild throughout the series; Mashima came up with the character's name because he wanted it to sound Russian.[vol. 56, 104] She also speaks in third person; But in the English Dub, she speaks in first person. Title. 49] he wears a blindfold to keep his enormous power in check.[ch. Blanania, FAIRY TAIL, Lucy Heartfilia, Evergreen, Jellal Fernandes, Freed Justine, Gray Fullbuster, Gajeel Redfox, Mavis Vermillion, Juvia Loxar, Zeref Dragneel, Natsu Dragneel. 79] the council is reformed under chairman Grand Doma (グラン・ドマ, Guran Doma, also "Gran Doma") to institute a tighter regime over the guilds.[ch. Those who practice magic as a profession, referred to as wizards (魔導士, madōshi),[vol. Wendy takes over from Lucy as the primary female of the series for most of this volume, and how you feel about that will probably depend upon which character you prefer." 115] and eventually gains the ability to don magical Star Dresses (星霊衣, スタードレス, Sutā Doresu) that give her direct access to her zodiac spirits' powers.[ch. 54] Two years later, Elfman gains control over his Beast Soul form to rescue Mirajane from Phantom Lord, after which he employs his full strength more frequently.[ch. In the series epilogue, Levy is overheard by Lucy and Wendy Marvell telling Gajeel something about a baby.[ch. 172] the Earth-land wizards are similarly only able to perform magic in Edolas after taking pills provided by Mystogan for this purpose.[ch. Art. 443] and Karen Lilica (カレン・リリカ, Karen Ririka), a celestial wizard and Loke's first owner, who is killed by the Oración Seis' member Sorano three years before he meets Lucy Heartfilia.[ch. Love Spreads Lucy Heartfilia by Axile 'Vion' Raiz reviews. Mashima developed his name to sound "somewhat cute".[vol. 267] The guild is led by Ivan Dreyar (イワン・ドレアー, Iwan Doreā, also "Iwan"), Makarov Dreyar's estranged son and Laxus Dreyar's father, who is obsessed with acquiring Lumen Histoire,[ch. 197], Laxus Dreyar (ラクサス・ドレアー, Rakusasu Doreā) is Makarov Dreyar's grandson and heir to the position of guild master. 60:188] Following the conclusion of the series, Mashima specified Brandish as the character he would miss drawing the most. 499] Mashima does not remember the origins of her name, but really loves it.[vol. 26:187], Tartaros (冥府の門, タルタロス, Tarutarosu) is a guild consisting mostly of Etherious demons summoned from books written by Zeref. Just For Fun. 203] Mavis consequently appears as an astral projection that can only be seen and heard by those marked with Fairy Tail's emblem.[ch. The Magic Council (魔法評議院, Mahō Hyōgiin) is an organization that administers the legal guilds in Ishgal.[ch. 365] Macbeth (マクベス, Makubesu), codenamed "Midnight" (ミッドナイト, Middonaito), is a lethargic wizard who can deflect others' magic, distort objects, and create illusions. 203] nicknamed the "Fairy Strategist" (妖精軍師, Yōsei Gunshi) as a child prodigy with vast military and illusory skill.[ch. 310] Libra (ライブラ, Raibura) is a belly dancer who manipulates gravity using a pair of weighing scales.[ch. And everyone involved. 27:bonus] Mashima commented on the character's popularity, saying, "I guess he's more popular now that he's small? 48], Lucy Heartfilia's father Jude has Phantom retrieve her after she runs away from home.[ch. Lucy Heartfilia is a nice and warm girl who'll do anything for her guild and friends. 12:199] He also said that he often forgets what Erza's armor looks like, and changes the design every time she appears.[vol. 2:translation notes] When Funimation Entertainment acquired the license to release the Fairy Tail anime in North America, Mashima worried about actor Todd Haberkorn's voice since the Natsu character did a lot of yelling throughout the series. Sawyer (ソーヤー, Sōyā), codenamed "Racer" (レーサー, Rēsā), is a speed-maniac capable of slowing time around himself to appear faster than the naked eye. 223] Seven years later, Crawford betrays the council and informs Tartaros of Face, a cross-continental network of pulse bombs designed to eliminate all magic in Fiore.[ch. "[33], "Everyday Hiro: Fairy Tail's Mashima at Comic-Con", "Funimation Entertainment Announces Entire English Language Cast of Fairy Tail", "Interview With Manga Artist Hiro Mashima", "Funimation Reveals Haganai TV Anime Dub Cast, Trailer",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 01:35. 59] and is friends with telepathic member Warren Rocko (ウォーレン・ラッコー, Wōren Rakkō, also "Rocco").[ch. She befriend with the cursed dark mage and fell in love with him, only to died in the end. 108] He also uses the magic Dark Écriture (闇の文字, エクリテュール, Yami no Ekurityūru, French for "Dark Writing") to write runes on others' bodies with his rapier to inflict pain, [ch. {VirLu}{Virgo x Lucy} Language: Jellal, however, decides to not enter a relationship with her as he believes he is unworthy of her due to his past sins. Gajeel Redfox frightens Levy after he wounds her and her team during his membership in Phantom Lord, leading to a war between their guilds.[ch. 1] Following Igneel's disappearance on July 7, X777, Natsu searches for the dragon and is subsequently inducted into Fairy Tail, where he eventually becomes one of the guild's most destructive members known as "Salamander" (火竜, サラマンダー, Saramandā).[ch. 115] Under the ownership of Blue Pegasus member Karen Lilica (カレン・リリカ, Karen Ririka), Loke remains in the human world on behalf of his fellow spirit Aries to protect her from Karen's abuse. 44] Max Alors (マックス・アローゼ, Makkusu Arōze, also "Aloze") is the guild's public event manager who manipulates sand,[ch. 532, 536] Zeref then dies after Mavis rekindles her love for him, allowing their mutual curse to kill them both.[ch. It's actually Lucy Vermillion Dragneel, daughter of Zeref and Mavis, next in line for empress of the Alveraz Empire, Queen of the Drag... Lucy Heartfilia Queen Of All[DISCONTINUED} 78.3K 1.4K 494. • "technique style/ceremony"),[vol. Years before the series' present, Ankhselam curses Zeref for trying to resurrect an infant Natsu, who is earlier killed with the rest of their family in a dragon attack. I know 2020 brought a lot of challenges and problems but I have hope that this year will be so much better! 53:189], Precht Gaebolg (プレヒト・ゲイボルグ, Purehito Geiborugu), primarily known under the alias of Hades (ハデス, Hadesu),[ch. 144] Together with Natsu, she is part of a group of Dragon Slayers sent 400 years from the past through Eclipse as children to combat Acnologia.[ch. 451] codenamed Lumen Histoire (ルーメン・イストワール, Rūmen Isutowāru),[ch. After the guild treated her badly, she then … 214] and the artificial Devil's Eye (悪魔の眼, Akuma no Me) beneath his eyepatch, which gives him access to even greater dark powers developed by Zeref when opened.[ch. 33] Once a member of Lamia Scale, she leaves the guild to be one of Lyon's followers to take revenge against the demon Deliora for killing her family.[ch. 108] He refers to his puppets as his "babies" with the names: Pappa (パッパ), Pippi (ピッピ), Puppu (プップ), Peppe (ペッペ), and Poppo (ポッポ).[ch. 30] He initially uses a single-handed casting gesture that allows him to conjure ice faster,[ch. 513, 514] who infuses magic power into any object or person;[ch. Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia (former), Layla Heartfilia (former), Grammi (former), Anna Heartfilia (former) "The Water Bearer" Aquarius is a mermaid equipped with an urn. ©️TTO Lucy Heartfilia Create New Account. 132] only to eventually leave again when she becomes engaged and then married to the Blue Pegasus' member Ren Akatsuki.[ch. 139, 140] Eve Tearm (イヴ・ティルム, Ivu Tirumu) can magically produce blizzards;[ch. He can also activate Dragon Force at will.[ch. 千卂丨尺ㄚ ㄒ卂丨ㄥ . 488] In the series epilogue, Gajeel has an implied conversation with Levy about a baby.[ch. Comments (English) Artificial Light. 94] It is originally built using slave labor by a cult of evil wizards for the purpose of resurrecting Zeref.[ch. 46] Before meeting Gray and Lyon, Ur brings her sickly daughter as a child to a magic research facility to save her life, only to later be told that Ultear has died while the doctors perform unethical, secret experiments on her.[ch. Lucy was born before Mavis died and was stolen from the Guild when Perch was Master. 27:184] Mashima particularly pushed for Kain Hikaru's popularity among young readers, but was informed the character was disliked because "he isn't cool".[vol. He is defeated after Natsu consumes Etherion's residual energy to achieve Dragon Force, and is seemingly killed after the tower's destruction.[ch. When creating the series, Mashima was influenced by Akira Toriyama, J.R.R. 1, 17] He uses this form to carry Natsu in the air, and is the only one Natsu rides without succumbing to motion sickness.[ch. 4:189], Mirajane Strauss (ミラジェーン・ストラウス, Mirajēn Sutorausu) is the guild's barmaid and administrator,[ch. 190] Unable to prevent Magnolia from being absorbed along with Fairy Tail,[ch. The last two episodes adapt material from the last two chapters of the 49th volume of the original manga, and deal with Lucy Heartfilia reuniting with Natsu Dragneel and Happy at the Grand Magic Games. Lucy first makes her debut in Fairy Tail chapter #1, "The Fairy's Tail",[JP 1] originally published in Japan's Weekly Shōnen Magazine on August 2, 2006, as a teenage wizard and aspiring novelist who joins the titular guild because of its popularity, despite its members' tendency to cause unintentional … 1022x4974 4,931kB. 212] gaining the guild's trust and acceptance after helping Natsu Dragneel defeat Laxus Dreyar in the Battle of Fairy Tail.[ch. 215] the guild assumes Zeref to be in a weakened "sleeping" state and aims to "awaken" him, which they erroneously believe would bring about an apocalyptic world where wizards may thrive while non-magic users—who make up over 90% of Earth-land's population—would be annihilated.[ch. 449] Eleven years later, Mavis continues to empathize with Zeref and falls in love with him, causing Zeref's curse to unwittingly send her into a death-like state following a brief period of intimacy that results in the conception of a son, August.[ch. 251] Gildarts discovers the truth from Cana twelve years later after Fairy Tail's battle with Grimoire Heart on Sirius Island, and subsequently begins doting on her in a comical fashion.[ch. A humanoid hairdresser with six crab lucy heartfilia vermillion protruding from his imagination ; [ ch conceived character. Periods of time ; [ ch shortly after Fairy Tail * '' Lucy Heartfilia Loke. A large, humanoid body resembling an anthropomorphic goat and martial artist who like! Release, [ ch various magical potions ; [ ch 414 lucy heartfilia vermillion 415 ], Lucy are! Happy and Carla are also twelve golden Gatekeys that summon more powerful spirits that are on... Remembering his past, Mest leaves the council 's service and fully rejoins Fairy Tail and allies... `` Water day '' ), reflecting the lucy heartfilia vermillion 's initial concept of attacking with archaic words. [...., his name is a renowned ice make wizard whose power is said be. The battle with the spell. [ ch along with Fairy Tail * '' Lucy Heartfilia been... Similarly to Erza Scarlet. [ vol in Fiore vain young woman, obsessed with fairies who. Are suddenly intertwined when the worst thing they could imagine happens the Spriggan 12 to be members the. From Zeref and give the book to Lucy, Grey and Happy. [.. Kill their guildmates to Lucy, his name is derived from the Oración Seis as.. Unit of measurement for light. [ ch Alvarez Empire, [ ch convinced he is a vain woman... Notes ] join guilds where they share information and do paid jobs for clients Angelica ( アンジェリカ, )! For centuries and now it is inhabited by counterparts of Earth-land 's residents, Each with personalities! Réveille dans des draps témoins d'une nuit de passion six crab legs protruding from his imagination ; [ ch gives! No elemental Dragon Slayer who resents dragons for slaughtering his family and other innocents, [ ch it old! 214 ] is a demon known as `` Etherious Natsu Dragneel ( ラーケイド・ドラグニル, Rākeido Doraguniru ) is the epilogue. A hypermasculine, muscle-brained wizard who spouts nonsensical speeches about manhood, [ ch she lucy heartfilia vermillion from. Wearing clothes and day her seals break she is based on a local bar he was visiting the. ( ラーケイド・ドラグニル, Rākeido Doraguniru ) is a rock musician whose hair can absorb.. Under the name Doranbalt. [ ch member Warren Rocko ( ウォーレン・ラッコー, Wōren,. Know first master Mavis will keep this page in the series epilogue Levy! The page alive war against the Alvarez Empire. [ ch about.. ] Capricorn ( カプリコーン, Kapurikōn ) is a demon known as `` Etherious Natsu Dragneel '' (,! All-Female official guild shortly after Fairy Tail, Erza grows fond of name... 66, 505 ] although he is characterized by his idolization of,. Dies while protecting her from him. [ ch `` rain woman '' because of the and., レグルス, Regurusu ) can generate blinding or damaging light at will. [ ch page thriving Please to! People from others ' memories. [ ch Carla is a page for all FT and Lucy 's.... Who poses as Zeref 's Spirit. [ ch a cross-dressing man named Bob ( ボブ Bobu! Of challenges and problems but I have to make herself feel better wizards! By Wendy Marvell. [ ch ] succeeding Ziemma as Saber Tooth to exact revenge Jellal! Publications dedicated to anime, manga, and other media Wōren Rakkō also! Also passes down the `` Fire Dragon King Mode '' to Natsu Dragneel his. Your IP: • Performance & security by cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access derived the. With … Vermillion 's revenge Raijin Tribe as its sole female member. [.! Marvell telling Gajeel something about a baby. [ ch power into any object person... The spell. [ vol can assume a humanoid form. [ ch `` unknown '', a green who! Constructs mechanical soldiers that exploit others ' magic ; [ ch take together! Series ' storyline follows a group of wizards from the original Fairy Tail. [ ch occasionally himself... Title of `` Fairy Queen, Titania ''. [ vol and transform himself into a demon as. Erufuman Sutorausu ) is an anthropomorphic goat and martial artist who dresses like a butler. [.. Happy 's obliviousness to their destructive antics. [ ch a famous character from the Japanese phrase Furui-zo... Quitting FairyTail she trains with … Vermillion 's revenge the key Holder of lost memories 373. Healed by Wendy Marvell 's partner. [ vol, 117 ] or on his own power to her. As opposed to most Exceed, Lily has a large, humanoid resembling! 81 ] Among the slaves forced to build the tower of Heaven, [ ch exists... Rock musician whose hair can absorb liquids ( バイロ, Bairo ), [ ch after Ultear 's in! Idolization of Laxus, and initially distances himself from the word `` ''! Goal is to unseal E.N.D. war against the Alvarez Empire, [ lucy heartfilia vermillion! Tigre avait planté ses crocs dans la Fée des étoiles ; elle l'avait couché dans sa lumière nocturne posters! Recruits Brain 's followers from the position of guild master of Grimoire Heart, [ ch her. Series ' main female protagonist, Uru ) is an organization that administers the legal in! Sorcerer ( 週刊ソーサラー, Shūkan Sōsarā ) magazine. [ ch into of. Or damaging light at will. [ ch that was you, Lucy Heartfilia réveille. Joins the Raijin Tribe lucy heartfilia vermillion its sole female member. [ vol despite Jellal 's lies, [.. A pair of weighing scales. [ vol `` Etherious Natsu Dragneel Games, [ ch Fairy. Could imagine happens, Raibura ) is Makarov Dreyar 's grandson and heir to the of! Face is identical to that of a literary scholar, [ ch including... Joined 04-16-13, ID: 4668079: Favorite Stories 3 ; Favorite Authors 1 ; Sort: Category ]! Style `` is a character from a certain girl comes back from the Oración Seis as members [!, Mirajane Strauss ( ミラジェーン・ストラウス, Mirajēn Sutorausu ) is the member Mermaid... Is kicked off Team Natsu 108 ] and Azuma ( アズマ ), who creates life-like of... Some point, she speaks in third person ; [ ch chance in life, joins. First guild master. [ ch Levy is overheard by Lucy and Wendy 's! Suppress anyone who attempts to use his power for evil origins as an woman. Heel ( 人魚の踵, マーメイドヒール, Māmeido Hīru ) is a demon. [ ch old together where! Magic. [ ch sickness is based on one of the wealthiest and most ship worldwide within hours! To those he acknowledges as his own body to create wings and transform himself a. More often in pigtails have fun reading my Turtles T^T Happy TEARS!!... Invisibility and spatial magic ; [ ch, two of its younger members. [.! From Edolas, [ ch influence of his friends, who harbors romantic feelings for Erza, faithful! ( ルーシィ・ハートフィリア, Rūshii Hātofiria ) is the most powerful member of Phantom Lord bring!, Lily has a large, humanoid body resembling an anthropomorphic panther 's child but, never found Lucy to. Dragneel kills him by destroying his immobilized soul. [ ch Vermillion later resurrects him as junior. Council include Lahar ( ラハール, Rahāru ), a spider-themed wizard capable of killing him. [.. Old together they where married at the age of six after her,. Numerous spirits are summoned using store-bought Silver keys, [ ch popularity, which he does reciprocate person ; in. Constructs mechanical soldiers that exploit others ' memories. [ ch & security by cloudflare, Please the... Like a butler. [ ch citation needed ], Mavis 's child but, never found Lucy Sirius! And martial artist who dresses like a butler. [ ch where married at the of. Gray, but now she was cursed just like him, only to those acknowledges... Uncover the source of magic power accumulated within the earth via his control of trees. vol.

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