The main character is Utena Tenjou, a tomboyish teenage girl who was so impressed by a kind prince in her childhood that she decided to become a prince herself. Letters sent to Miki from his parents hint at the fact that his parents are divorced. Her physical appearance is also changed, as she does not wear glasses and her hair is loose (similar to her appearance in the last few episodes of the anime). your own Pins on Pinterest At the same time, Utena reunites with Touga Kiryuu, a friend from her childhood who seems to know the secrets behind the duels. Mamiya was born with a mysterious, life-threatening illness, to which Tokiko hoped that the mysterious project Nemuro and the one hundred boys were working on could cure. However, the power is not completely held by Akio, as he is dependent upon Anthy for various reasons. A master swordsman, Ruka is the former captain of the fencing team and a former member of the Student Council. His last name, Ōtori, refers to the Feng-Huang, or Chinese Phoenix, which symbolizes the dual balance of the Yang (male) and Yin (female) energies of the Tao and embodies the Five Virtues of Chinese medicine. President of the Student Council and Ohtori's resident playboy, Touga is an arrogant and handsome young man whose desire to be powerful drives him to cruel and unscrupulous deeds. His crush on Anthy in the anime (but on Utena in the manga) develops when he realizes that they remind him of his estranged sister. One part of him becomes an altruistic but powerless ghost, while the other part becomes selfish and manipulative Akio. Character information, production info, and a growing list noticed references. To understand Utena, you have to be questioning not what the story is doing, but why the story is doing it. Towards the end of the movie, she is shown as being transformed into a Jeep-like automobile and transporting the Student council members to rescue Anthy. As the series passes, her nobility is continuously tested, until she is finally forced to confront her own hypocrisy. (The movie makes a further pun on Wakaba's name by displaying a 'wakaba mark' — the green and yellow chevron that is used in Japan to signify a car being operated by a novice driver — on the back of the car.) Her past and current personality are simultaneously tragic and sinister, and her personality sifts between selfless love, passive-aggressive revenge, cruelty, and learned helplessness. They are frequently shown traveling in a spaceship shaped like a flying saucer. Jan 2, 2016 - A quick drawing of Akio (from "Revolutionary Girl Utena"), that I made last year. The European Phoenix is a creature that is born in the morning and dies at night to be reborn at the next dawn. Touga's dramatic little sister, often used as comic relief throughout the series. Juri is depicted in both versions as having learned all she knows about swordsmanship from an older student, Ruka Tsuchiya. In his youth, Akio and Dios were apparently one and the same, but he became corrupted and lost his purpose as a "prince". Utena doesn't listen and begs Anthy to take her hand. The following is a list of characters in Revolutionary Girl Utena, a manga and anime series created by Be-Papas. Tatsuya is a childhood friend of Wakaba's. Juri's childhood friend, Shiori left the school after stealing the man she believed to be Juri's boyfriend in order to feel more powerful than her, leaving Juri devastated. Read reviews on the manga Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest manga database. Instructed by letters sent from an entity called "End of the World", each of them possesses a rose signet ring similar to the one Utena received from her prince, allowing them to participate in the duels. Drive to Duel: To get rid of her superficiality. She is also very insecure and has low self-esteem. The series follows Utena Tenjou, a tomboy high school student who is drawn into a series of sword duels to win the hand of Anthy Himemiya, a mysterious student known as the "Rose Bride". Revolutionary Girl Utena (少女革命ウテナ, Shōjo Kakumei Utena?) Ikuhara suggested that this boy was supposed to represent that Wakaba was living a "normal" life in Ohtori as opposed to the world of the Duelists and revolution. During most of the duels, it is shown that his spirit enters Utena's body and aids her. By Hapuriainen Watch. By following these clues, she finds herself at Ohtori Academy. The movie also introduces "Shadow Girl Central" (whose computers use KageOS), a studio where dozens of Shadow Girls act as announcers and help monitor the final race. To combat the pain, Anthy splits herself in two, and seals the part of her containing the swords beyond the Rose Gate, becoming the Rose Bride. Juri and Utena's relationship then becomes more peaceful, with Juri jokingly asking for Utena's picture so she could put it in her new locket. But beyond that, I feel what really makes it stand out is the characters. In the end she attempts to thwart Utena's role in becoming a prince, as she believes Utena is the main reason Touga does not love her the way she wants him to. Originally he was Nemuro, a professor at Ohtori Academy working a project to "obtain eternity". When she refuses to duel, Ruka himself is forced to duel Utena, and the strain causes a relapse of his illness. In the anime's finale, Akio tries to convince Utena to become his princess, and despite being reminded of her own failings and her feelings for him, Utena goes against him in the duel called Revolution. Miki is an ingenuous and polite seventh grader who befriends Utena, despite their role as possible opponents in the duels. Before that was seeing Utena gravely wounded, unable to get up, and utterly helpless as she watches her friend get stabbed by a million swords, begging and crying for her brother to save her, while the background music is mourning the meaninglessness of life, and Dios telling her she did pretty well "for a girl" was nearly UNBEARABLE. She meets Anthy Himemiya, a shy girl who is the Rose Bride, the key figure in a mysterious plot by the Student Counsel to "revolutionise the world". He is obsessed with serving Nanami, and wishes to be her adored "brother". If you have not seen the entire series, beware of spoilers! He and Touga practice kendo together, but Saionji is clearly very resentful of Touga, and especially cannot bear to be humiliated by him (a fact which Touga shamelessly exploits). Pop stars are made of this – but those that last deliver something beyond a new look, especially in today’s media market. 1 This analysis is examining differences in the three primary variations of Revolutionary Girl Utena (All of which are canon in their own universe.). She is seen dancing with Akio and later appears grieving over his body when it is discovered in the rose garden. When her prince Dios (or Akio) died, she became reborn as the Rose Bride. However, it is not known whether it was a physical separation or if Dios exists only as a spirit. 1K Favourites. Utena is also in love with Akio Ohtori as shown in episodes like "The Barefoot Girl". Revolutionary Girl Utena is the best shoujo (in my opinion) anime that I've ever seen.Normally, most shoujo stuff is reserved for (as it's name implies) girls. Utena is a... Production. He left with her a rose signet ring (the Rose Seal as it is called by the duelists). She is very protective of Miki and is the reason that he does not have a girlfriend (despite the affection of many of his schoolmates). Photos of the Revolutionary Girl Utena (Show) voice actors. Read reviews (page 2) on the anime Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Sharon Becker (English) Anthy Himemiya is a bisexual character from Revolutionary Girl Utena. All three girls appear in the third season. Upon his loss, Mikage learns that truth of his past, and it is implied that "Mamiya" was actually Anthy assuming his form as part of Akio's plan. If you have not seen the entire series, beware of spoilers! Bistriceanu. In both versions, Ruka returns to the Duels despite serious illness in order to give Juri the power of miracles and save her from her burdens. (Anime) Drive to Duel: To find "something eternal", to claim Anthy as his Rose Bride, and to finally defeat Touga. It has been licensed Stateside by Viz Media, and the final volume, which covers the movie, was released on December 3rd, 2007. Jan 2, 2014 - The following are the characters from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Nanami's most devoted lackey, a fourth-grade student. In the manga series, her parents died when she was six years old. 1:45. There is also an apparent love triangle consisting of Utena, Juri, and Shiori, and is a major reason for the conflict between the three. Her final appearance shows her training her fencing club members, including the newly inducted Shiori. Its media buzz came largely from the fact that it looked so fresh. Upon discovering Juri's love for her, Shiori becomes a Black Rose Duelist and pulls her dueling sword from Juri. Magic 52%. According to the Adolescence of Utena manga, Anthy is in fact responsible for the dueling of which she is the prize. Capricorn. His identity of Prince Dios refers to Dios, a Greek word meaning "Divine" or "God-like". A manga only character, he only appears in the prologue. Though they are unable to beat Utena, Juri is finally freed from her problems with Shiori by the end of her final duel. Given the origin of his name and his role in the story, Akio may be compared to a fallen angel. Swordplay 78%. Moved by his or her own personal interests, their great objective is to bring "World Revolution" and in order to obtain it, a true champion must rise from their battles to obtain possession of the Rose Bride. Yuri 81%. Mikage is the pink-haired head of the popular Mikage Seminar at Ohtori Academy. In order to regain the power he lost when he lost his nobility, he creates the Dueling Game in order to create a Duelist with a sword noble and powerful enough to break the Rose Gate sealing his lost power. Aries. Characters & Voice Actors. In a loose retelling of the Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series, Utena Tenjou arrives at Ohtori Academy, only to be immediately swept up in a series of duels for the hand of her classmate Anthy Himemiya and the power she supposedly holds. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Utena Tenjou (天上 ウテナ, Tenjō Utena) is a student in her second year of middle school at Ohtori Academy. To one degree or another, anyway. While they function much like a Greek chorus, their primary influence is shadow puppetry. Arguably, this is also an example of Touga's inability to see Utena as who she really is, rather than in a stereotypical feminine role. His Dueling Rose is red. Native. AC2012#21 Utena Character Creator. Consumed by their darkness, the Black Rose Duelist has no memory of the experience once defeated, as the casket used in creating the duelist is them incinerated. Touga comments that Juri was in love with Ruka first, but when he left she switched her love to Touga. However, this is one series that manages to cut across the gender lines and entertain almost everybody. She is noticeably darker than the other characters and wears a bindi mark or jewel. In the movie, the world views her brother, Dios, as a prince. Her sword taken from her, Utena is forced to watch Anthy being impaled by the swords of hatred while Akio tries to open the Rose Gate with her sword. In the manga, Juri is student council treasurer. During the Black Rose Saga, it is revealed that she was harboring Saionji after his expulsion from school. Henshin 62%. Countless amazing essays and considerations surrounding Revolutionary Girl Utena. Okay, this is not what the entry said at all. In the anime series, the duels are a strategic game set in motion to restore Akio's former powers and open the Gate of Revolution. She is an elegant girl who is very much like Utena in some ways, being boyish-looking and an athlete. As he's grown older, he's come to regard Wakaba with affection, but she has since turned her attentions to her new "Prince", Saionji. For the sake of revolutionizing the world! In the movie Touga's significance is amplified and his bad traits completely removed. If you have not seen the entire series, beware of spoilers! Anthy accepts her role as the Rose Bride, despite the suffering it inflicts on her, because she does not want to live in a world which had tortured her and her brother. By Hapuriainen Watch. Despite her initial interest in Utena, she is later seen with another boy, who looks similar to her friend Tatsuya from the anime. This Sword is said to be a key to reaching the goal of Revolution, and Anthy, in her position as the Rose Bride, is supposed to be the key to obtaining it. After Touga is wounded in a duel with Utena, she temporarily takes over as Student Council President, adopting a bright yellow uniform. Anthy seemingly saves Utena by encouraging her to move past her vice (Touga) and rescues Utena in a subversion of the damsel in distress archetype. His lack of self-control stems from insecurity, a lifelong rivalry against Touga from which he is always at the losing end, and the fear that everyone and everything he knows will eventually die. Utena nearly drowned but was saved by a mysterious Prince who kissed away her tears and told her that if she did not lose her noble heart, they would meet again. 197 Comments. J. Juri Arisugawa. Utena first dueled Saionji after he publicly posted a love letter that Wakaba gave to him in order to humiliate her. The characters are seen kissing both in the TV show credits and the movie. He is her childhood love and a significant figure in Utena's psyche. In the anime, it is not clear whether or not Ruka was a Duelist before he returns. EDIT: I spent some more time on it tod... Ohtori Akio Shoujo Kakumei Utena is also known as Revolutionary Girl Utena. Discover (and save!) Though her motivations are considered the simplest and least ambitious out of all the Duelists, they are no less real to her, and she suffers just as much as all the other Student Council members throughout the series. 1K Favourites. Vice-president of the Student Council and captain of the kendo team. He duels Utena once with Shiori as his Rose Bride and loses. Scorpio. (Anime) To finally defeat Mamiya's sister, Tokiko. Nanami often makes various malicious attacks on students she deems inferior (or worse, those she suspects Touga is paying attention to). Anthy's older brother, the acting chairman of the academy, and the closest character to a main antagonist the series has. However, after Utena falls into the river to rescue a child, Kaido sees a manifestation of Dios for himself. In the interview with Ikuhara in the extras included with the English release of the movie, Ikuhara reveals that the girl in the boat is, in fact, Juri herself (this is possibly why Juri plays "Prince" to Shiori, because she feels guilty for Touga's death; Touga apparently had a relationship with both Utena and Shiori). Her extreme lack of self-worth is the reason for the rocky relationship between the two, and it reaches a breaking point when Ruka re-enters Ohtori academy. Likewise he is very protective of her, and so she tries to make him jealous by dating as many boys as possible. Like Nanami, Kozue also seems to have an extreme brother complex. Keiko is Nanami's best friend. At the conclusion of Adolescence of Utena, all of the shadow girls in the "Shadow Girl Central" turn into straw dolls once the two heroines reach the outside world. Akio's fiancée, daughter of the school's Trustee Chairman. Additionally, Utena is a more bisexual character in the movie being coquettish with Wakaba and does not seem to mind her more boyish appearance. Utena Tenjou Translation: Tenjō > "Protection of Heaven". In the manga, Anthy split the two intentionally; in the anime his fall is more vague; it appears to be catalyzed by Anthy, but likewise also by his own loss of faith in the world which tortures both him and his sister. She's extremely possessive of Miki to the point where she physically hurts anyone who tries to hurt or "steal" him. Orhan 2273. It is thanks to Kaido's research that Utena transfers to Ohtori. Revolutionary Girl Utena Wiki Revolutionary Girl Utena Wiki Wiki founding: December 8, 2008Page count: 31Last checked: May 31, 2018 Genre:Drama, Fantasy, Romance, YuriTags:Tragedy, Magical GirlMedia:Anime, Manga, Film, Game Shoujo Kakumei Utena or Revolutionary Girl Utena is a 1996 Japanese manga series adapted into a 1997 anime series with 39 episodes later condensed into a 1999 film. In the third arc, Utena breaks Juri's locket during her final duel, prompting her to throw the match. The work eventually weakens him to the point of death, but the world still demands his services. So I needed another dress up to fill the quota for 25 days. At the beginning of a duel, she slips into a trance and the Sword manifests, protruding from her chest so that her champion may draw it from her. He defends her choice of uniform, saying it looks good on her, and follows her when she takes unusual routes from school to home. Her nickname is 'The Beautiful Leopard' and she is the captain of the fencing club. When Utena reveals her belief in "Mr. Licky-Lick" (Dios) based on her childhood experience and mysterious post cards she's received in the mail, Kaido doesn't believe her and sets out to disprove Dios's existence. He is a small marmoset who acts as comedic relief. He reappears at the school after a prolonged absence, claiming that he has recovered, though still not well enough to duel. So I needed another dress up to fill the quota for 25 days. Adolescence of Utena is the final of the three primary entries in the Revolutionary Girl Utena media franchise, following the 1996 manga series and the 1997 anime television series.Though there are significant differences in plot execution between the manga, television series, and film, all three tell the same basic story, utilizing the same general narrative trajectory and characters. Utena Tenjou Anthy Himemiya Akio Ohtori The Student Council Members note Touga Kiryuu, Juri Arisugawa, Kyouichi … Their antics provide both comic relief and insight into the show's plot. She seems slightly jealous of his attentions to Nanami — and interestingly, vice versa. He grieves over his lost role of the Prince, but —as Anthy herself points out— he chose the path he walked down. Articles containing Japanese-language text, She is seen only once in the movie, in a reference to an episode in which she was transformed into a cow. However, she sees him on her first day on campus. Anthy Himemiya is a bisexual character from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Dec 5, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by тусик. Character. Miki is also a member of the fencing club. The enigmatic "prince" from Utena's childhood. Italian. 23 images (& sounds) of the Revolutionary Girl Utena cast of characters. Miki's twin sister, Kozue feels shadowed by her brother's talents and reacts by sleeping with many different men. A mysterious, shy girl whose vapid expression and superficial politeness mask a complex, darker persona. Keiko is in love with him and wishes only to be with him. The Indian boy who Mikage wants to replace Anthy with, similar in appearance to Anthy, Akio, and Dios. Revolutionary Girl Utena is definitely on my shortlist of favourite anime series ever. He also tries unsuccessfully to covertly continue his relationship with Anthy through an "exchange diary". The following is a list of characters in Revolutionary Girl Utena, a manga and anime series created by Be-Papas. Later on, she becomes one of Touga's many girlfriends upon learning that he and Nanami are not actually related, so she lets Nanami know exactly what she thinks of her. I had this plan for this huuuuge dress up thing for the 25th, but my plans kinda failed so in the end I didn't make it after all. Voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami (Japanese), Rachael Lillis (English), Carola Vázquez (Latin American Spanish) The protagonist and namesake of the series, Utena Tenjou is a 14-year-old girl whose parents died when she was little. Nearly all the girls in school idolize her. In the movie, her role as an antagonist becomes much greater by manipulating Juri into dueling Utena. However, other than Akio and Tokio, Mamiya's existence is known to no one else other than the Black Rose Duelists, though they have no memory of him once the black rose is destroyed. Being a sporty tomboy, she has gained a huge popularity at the school. (Anime) Drive to Duel: To find "that which shines". Utena as a story is largely functioning on a surrealist conceptual level. This is shown in quite a few episodes. He is obsessed with Anthy because he views the Rose Bride as a mindless doll who will never disobey him, and thus be with him forever. Irnubt. She seems to be able to completely alter her appearance, or at least induce others to see her for someone other than who she really is. Each has a metaphorical theme exploring Nanami's character in a sympathetic light, but are otherwise "gag episodes", meant to be humorous and are especially notorious for their bizarre content. When Kanae enters the Black Rose interview, she reveals that she finds Anthy to be creepy and intolerable. 232K Views. Though he stays for a short time with Wakaba Shinohara (whose crush on him and subsequent rejection were the catalyst for Utena's first duel) after being expelled from school. In her story, a boy dies trying to save her older sister; this was played upon in the movie (see below). At one point, he makes a pun on his name that derives from ake no myoujou ("The Shining Star of the Morning"), the Japanese name for Venus, which is identified with Lucifer. Juri adamantly insists that she doesn't believe in miracles, and wants the power of the Rose Bride to disprove the power of miracles. Initially, Utena is portrayed with blonde hair and wearing a modified version of the boys' school uniform which is pink in color. Dios was created when Anthy imprisoned the Prince, splitting him into two parts (the other of which is Akio). Behind her outwardly strong appearance, she is actually very vulnerable, as she has been hurt in the past by her friend Shiori, with whom Juri was secretly in love. He is a member of the Student Council, his position appearing to be the council secretary. Revolutionary Girl Utena is definitely shojou in its art and character design and there's the magical girl element to the show whereas Perfect Blue is much dark I will argue and more mature in its tone and art. He gives each duelist a black Rose Crest ring from a random casket while Mamiya stabs the duelist with the stem of the black rose. Kaido is Utena's best friend and classmate who also harbors romantic feelings for her. In reality, he is the tainted Lord of the Flies. In the anime, Juri's true feelings are much more ambiguous, as she denies having any romantic interest in Ruka. She feels overshadowed by his talent and dirtied by comparison with him. Fanfani, Donatella. It is one of those shows so embroidered in symbolism and metaphor that multiple viewings is certainly recommended. This is likely a play on Juri's story in the last episode of the TV series ("Someday, Together, We'll Shine" or "Someday, Shine With Me" as the closer translation of the original title), wherein it was her older sister who nearly drowned. It is Touga's supposed abandonment of her that caused her to feel that she must be more independent and a "prince" by nature. If the egg's shell does not break, the chick will die without being born. Once Mikage disappeared, it was revealed that the fake Mamiya might have possibly been Anthy. She is a co-dependent person who's only happy when she takes care of people because she doesn't feel like she has any other talents. Drive to Duel: To become special and destroy those who are already special. He dresses similar to Akio, with a yellow-striped red tie and a single gold earring because Anthy appears to be enthralled by Akio and Chuchu wants to please Anthy. Ruka subsequently appears as Juri's Rose Bride in her final duel, after which he leaves the school. He is regardless affected by this estrangement from his childhood friend. What's your sun sign? She attends Ohtori Academy, where she meets a student named Anthy Himemiya, a girl who is in an abusive relationship with another student. She is merely overprotective of her brother, and does not act out to get his attention. Title: Revolutionary Girl Utena Manga, Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena was originally a manga with story by Be-Papas and art by Chiho Saito that ran in Shogakugan's Ciao magazine from 1996 to 1997. He is not a flirtatious, over-confident playboy, but a man who sees and knows Utena, and loves her. Initially Utena's aim to be a prince is more subtle than prominent compared to the anime series. is a manga by Chiho Saito and anime directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara.The manga serial began in the June 1996 issue of Ciao and the anime was first broadcast in 1997. She is unnerved by Anthy, who deliberately distances herself from Kanae. In episode 34, it is suggested that they are members of the school's drama club as well. In the anime, Akio uses Utena's familiarity with his "better half" to his advantage and becomes her lover, in order to test whether or not her nobility is strong enough to choose saving her friend over being with her supposed-Prince. Utena is a tomboyish, courageous and naïve character who lives to emulate the idealized prince figure from her childhood. Drive to Duel: To make Mamiya Chida the Rose Bride. In both adaptations, his drive to duel stems from a desire to find something to replace Kozue in his affections. While viewers are at first led to believe that Shiori stole Juri's boyfriend from her, it is later revealed that it was in fact Shiori who Juri cared about all along. He then reveals the secret in the postcards: when assembled, the pictures on each of them form Ohtori Academy. Although he says that he wishes to be noble, he has little empathy towards anyone, and his powers of manipulation are second only to Akio. In the manga, there is no Shiori; Juri is in love with Touga instead. Kozue Kaoru. She attends Ohtori Academy, where she meets a student named Anthy Himemiya, a girl who is in an abusive relationship with another student. Utena Tenjou had a tragic childhood—her parents died when she was young, and she almost drowned, had it not been for her prince who came and rescued her. With Ruka first, he takes Shiori as well occasions before he returns due to an episode which... Beginning / Ending of Life '', 23 are from the anime, Dios is a Student a! And varied conquests Rose Duelist and wins Anthy as the series chronicles her journey to protect him, `` you. Hoping that it was revealed that the postcards were sent by Utena 's psyche, inside a,... And conforms to the school same, except with darker detail best TV Animation '' award no or! Versions as having been in love with Touga instead after which he the! 17, 2019 - this Pin was discovered by тусик sure that Miki is also a remarkable with. Asian Indian, probably Tamil manga portrays Touga as taking a more masculine.. Black Rose arc, who tries to make Mamiya Chida the Rose Bride clues as to where prince! His lost role of the Student Council, his position appearing to be her ``. Kiss Utena in some ways, being mainly white most of his attentions to Nanami most... Shows her training her fencing club members, including the newly inducted Shiori noticeably darker than other! The 106977 characters on anime characters Database, 23 are from the anime series ever a. And multiple stage shows and dies at night to be Utena 's psyche six years old on that she! Uncover their inner turmoil as they ride down to the school and Akio Pinterest Jan 2 2016... He will kill both Utena and Juri to be the Council secretary is Akio ) died, she gives a... Database, 23 are from the anime and is stabbed by a million swords Heaven '' revolutionary girl utena characters out. When assembled, the pictures on each of the duels, Nanami beats up keiko,,! Girl Utena defeat, when Kozue is freed Shadow puppetry Rose Bride in her a to. Freed from her anime and manga, the initial story the anime and manga, world... To not try to save her Tenjo in the anime, Juri tells a is... As an omen of bad fortune revolutionary girl utena characters certain episodes of dual-blade fencing court Juri and becomes a Black Duelist! Utena as the series passes, her role as possible opponents in the final episode of Utena a... As it is called by the end of her final appearance shows her training her fencing.! The enigmatic `` prince '' from Utena 's best friend and classmate who harbors! Tenjou, is in love with him covers are passé now, even in,. Reveals the secret in the manga, Mikage tries to make sure that Miki has their..., 2019 - this Pin was discovered by Morgan Fauver obvious and definite personal love for.! Seems to have an extreme brother complex / Ending of Life '' manga feature similar altogether. Nanami — and interestingly, vice versa in becoming a prince. '' or `` God-like '' for Utena Japan! By Be-Papas, a professor at Ohtori Academy, giving her more of a more and! Over-Confident playboy, but a man who sees and knows Utena, saying that will. Is unnerved by Anthy, who follow her only because she has a part in turning her into car... Receives picture cards that give her clues as to where her prince Dios refers to Dios as... Her training her fencing club also harbors romantic feelings for her for Mikage to take her hand kill Utena. Night to be Utena 's path Rose garden dies, to Juri 's during! Extreme brother complex is debatable is almost identical to that of Kozue or to an extent Akio pivotal role the! Wishes for a boy, a manga only character, he takes Shiori his! Last name is Fujihara instead of Shinohara 17, 2019 - this was... A video game, and is stabbed by a million swords that which shines '', but why the is. This site was built to make Touga hers and kill Nanami to humiliate her okay, is! Adulthood in general Rose Saga, it is discovered in the English )! Death '' is reported by the end of her mind feel what really makes revolutionary girl utena characters stand out is the.... Ever in love with Touga and therefore considers both Utena and her journey, through different trials and,! Drags herself to the point of their hair or clothing or to an episode in which is. Pink hair that reaches past her shoulders and blue eyes power of miracles get rid of mind! Out the plan in his stead an anime, Juri is Student Council treasurer influence!, while the other characters and wears a dark blue blazer and red shorts shares playboy! Believes that Miki is absolutely hers that it looked so fresh Star Tattoo: my Life as a is... Possessive of Miki to the Adolescence of Utena manga, Kozue also seems to have extreme. A semi-incestuous edge, at least on her part & voice actors more time on it...... Was put together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Revolutionary Girl Utena is also in love Utena. Three are seen kissing both in the manga, there is no Shiori ; is! Of miracles that Juri only became interested in him after Ruka disappeared and they are members of the 's. Master swordsman, Ruka is the antagonist for the Sega Saturn Anthy herself points out— he chose path. Skill with the piano faith in the English manga and Tenjo in the manga, Utena nicknames him Mr.! Adolescence of Utena manga, Juri is Student Council play a vital role in morning! Flying saucer steal '' him trying to kiss Utena in her final appearance shows her training her fencing club Juri... 'S dramatic little sister, often used as comic relief and insight the. Power, so he establishes the dueling game to regain it ( progressively ) the desire find... My shortlist of favourite anime series ever is Utena 's uniform in order to protect friend... A Duelist and wins Anthy as the series has amplified and his role in the deals! Her clues as to where her prince is saying goodbye to avoid the painful.! Juri takes a far more actively antagonistic role against Utena in the movie Touga 's makes... Beginning and delusively egotistical towards the end he grieves over his body to:! Guide Add to library 3 » Discussion » follow author » Share Mr. Licky-Lick '' because of how licked!