Looking at the permeability index in Table 2, the apparent adjustment factors … Recently, following researches carried out at the US College of Public Health ( O’Connor and Bernard, 1999 ; Bernard et al. The screening evaluation assumes that there is a typical work activity for the heat stress … each Direct sunlight Recovery in vehicle with AC between tasks Light- Moderate level of … Effects of Clothing Adjustment Factors (CAF) 7 Effects of Air Permeability 9 Effects of Metabolic Rate and Gender 9 ... crit minus the ensemble WBGT crit.. 0: 89. 1. 300: inside task. (WBGT) monitoring, clothing factors adjustment, and work demand analysis. As vapor-barrier ensembles are sensitive to humidity, adding 2 °C-WBGT … As reported in Table 1, the clothing adjustment factor (CAF) represents the equivalent increase in environmental WBGT that the clothing represents (Bernard et al., 1991, O'Connor and Bernard, 1999, ACGIH, 1999). Heat dissipation is influenced by environmental conditions, workload, and clothing worn on the job. 2008; 5(1):59-62 (ISSN: 1545-9624) Ashley CD; Bernard TE . conditions reflected in the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) index, the work demands (metabolic rate) and the clothing requirements. For each step, record the information found on the Table located at the end of the lesson. If any CAF value is ≥6, use the values below to determine the effective CAF for WBGT adjustment. WBGT (F) Clothing Adjustment Factor (F) WBGT effective (F) Metabolic Level (Watts) outdoor task 1. Effects of Hoods and Flame-Retardant Fabrics on WBGT Clothing Adjustment Factors. In fact, any clothing adjustment factor must always be used in conjuction with the ambient conditions. 300: total time (min) 60: 18 Multiple tasks ~ 10 min. After the WBGT is measured, clothing adjustment factor added, and workload translated into metabolic rate. 115: outdoor task 2. CONCLUSIONS As seen in Figure 1, relative humidity level clearly affected the apparent total evaporative resistance for the vapor barrier ensemble with lesser effects for the other ensembles. For each step, record the information found on the Table located at the end of the lesson. To account for the effects of clothing, clothing adjustment factors based on WBGT have been proposed. TLV Clothing CorrectionsClothing Type WBGT CorrectionWork clothes (long sleeve and pants) 0Cloth (woven material) coveralls 0Double layer woven clothing … 20: 89. Adjust WBGT based on hotter clothing being worn (see clothing adjustment factors) Measure or Calculate WBGT (oC) Select Measurement Locations Adjust for Clothing Response Actions: If oC is