We were starving after the ceremony and so delighted that we actually got to enjoy the food. Our experience was unforgettable and beyond our expectations. For northern Jersey, unless you’re happy to spend 60-100% more for Pleasantdale Chateau (palatial grounds but not-as-nice ballroom, in my opinion), Nanina’s is the best choice by far. I could go on and on and on for days about this wedding but you truly have to experience it for yourself. Needless to say, I felt immediately at-ease. It feels wonderful when people describe your wedding as the “most beautiful wedding” and knowing they are speaking the truth because of how breathtaking Nanina’s truly is. You do not just decide that, when a contract says we are to have the Viennese hour. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by Vicky and our AMAZING bridal attendant Martha. I know everyone says how stressful wedding planning can be, but I can honestly say that we did not stress ONE bit and I truly think it is because of how much Nanina's takes care of for you. The bridal suite is amazing and the food- people are still talking about! I even had a personal bridal attendant who took care of everything from making sure I didn't spill anything on my dress to holding my bouquet. The grounds, atmosphere, food, etc. I hope that you have a wonderful wedding. My guests are STILL talking about how incredible it was. Luxury makeup counters, oversized mirrors, and breath taking garden views. I gave 4 stars for value because it ended up costing more than we figured. Tom and Vicki were amazing to work with- they made sure everything was taken care of. Chef Vincenzo even made chicken valdostana for me and it was the best thing ever! You can have anything you want, but that makes it really hard to choose. We invite you to a beautiful picturesque setting within a historical park which creates a picture-perfect ambiance for both intimate weddings to large corporate events. Nanina's in the Park, Belleville: See 41 unbiased reviews of Nanina's in the Park, rated 5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #4 of 62 restaurants in Belleville. Sometimes, couples add special charms to their hand-fasting chord. RSVP. THE CHÂTEAU GRANDE HOTEL Extend your event at our convenient, on-premise luxury hotel the Château Grande. Absolutely Amazing!!! The whole day was perfect from beginning to end! I visited other places and they listed upfront charges for maitre D (about $500 at the most which is equivalent to .75% or so). There is also a beautiful garden area. They piled our cocktail hour and venetian hour table with more food we could even begin to make a dent in. The food is delicious and the presentation is amazing! My bridal party and I got ready in their gorgeous br... Amazing is the first word that comes to mind! The gardens are breathtaking and the ballroom is magnificent! (And we're Italian so we're harsh critics). My twin sister had her reception at Nanina's 6 years ago and I remember LOVING everything about the room, food etc, so as soon as I got engaged, my mother called and ... My husband and I got married on July 1, 2016. I had my ceremony at a church nearby, so that wasn’t an issue. This is such an undervalued asset of Nanina’s. There was not a single thing that went wrong on the day of our wedding everything was taken care of. If you want one of the BEST weddings or events that you will remember forever, Please have it at Nanina's In The Park. I felt exactly the same way.. We of course booked the place right away.. Presents you with more than 50 yrs. We had visited the venue a few times while coordinating final details, but when it came time for the actual wedding, we were completely blown away by how incredible it truly was. The entire staff was amazing as per my guests...my MILs friend had dental work and explained that to someone serving during the cocktail hour. It was without a doubt that Nanina's in the Park was the best in every category and we knew we would be unhappy anywhere else. Which brings us to the food—AMAZING. Throughout the entire wedding planning process Tom Casella was attentive, helpful, informative, and more than accommodating to any of our needs that came up along the way. As the bri... Nanina's was AMAZING! ty and every tear of frustration will suddenly have been worth it. The array of things that were available for my cocktail hour surpassed anything in my wildest dreams. I was seeking perfection. Food was excellent! The cocktail hour room has plenty of space before leading into the grand ballroom. All the waiters / attendants / maitre ds / bartenders moved guests throughout the schedule of events with poise and ease. I do not have 1 bad thing to say about Nanina's! Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 we have moved our Wedding date to Wednesday April 7, 2021.If you can still attend please RSVP below. We only wish it lasted longer than an hour! She was always there to answer my questions whenever I needed her and to ca... We hosted our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding at Nanina’s in The Park on September 2, 2012. Outdoor ceremony was wonderful. Then I could TRY and describe the food. The amount of food they offered was unbelivable and delicious. But because she did not receive her tip in advance, she did not want to run things flexibly. Sometimes the handfasting vows are used instead of traditional vows, or you can do both. Anything you could possibly need will be given to you. The desserts were incredible! vice is superb from the time of booking to the day of wedding. We were in the middle of the room, so people came over to us to say hello, while we were enjoying every bit of the most delicious food. I knew it was going to be great, but Nanina's exceeded my expectations and it was better than I could have imagined. Look for charms that represent special times together or important moments in your relationship. c. All the guests commented it was the best wedding they have been at. None of the bars were roll away carts as in others we have seen. We couldn't have picked a better venue for our wedding. We cannot thank Naninas in the Park and their staff enough for such a beautiful and perfect wedding! I hope someone I know gets married here soon so I can go back! I am honestly going to miss visiting Julian, Tom, Barry, Liz, and all of our many friends at Nanina's who helped make our day absolutely perfect! The cocktail hour and the dessert display are really exceptional. The food was amazing and the people that work there are very friendly and professional. Everyone told me prior to our day that the bride and groom never gets to enjoy the food at their own wedding but that definitely was not the case for us. Nanina's is the perfect wedding venue...it's beautiful, the food is plentiful and absolutely delicious, and the staff is accommodating and knows how to make the wedding flow smoothly. The team at Nanina's was a pleasure to work with from day one. We could not have selected a better venue to celebrate the event. Words can't possibly express how amazing the food is. Take Belleville Pike (Route 7 West) to Washington Ave. Belleville. Thanks!! We would highly recommend this amazing venue to our friends and family and would love it if we got to go to another wedding there to experience it all over again! It was amazing from beginning to end. Shot by Teddy Pal and TruLightFilms The food was exceptional, our guests are still stuffed from our Friday wedding and said it was the best wedding they've ever been to! There are many different ways to incorporate handfasting into your wedding, so feel free to get creative and adapt the tradition to your preferences. Our guests cannot stop raving about the wedding. You wont regret having your reception here! You will be the only event at this magnificent New Jersey landmark, nestled in a historical park setting. And we never had to even go near the bar to get another drink. In addition, Martha the bridal attendant was by my side the entire day. (Since you always hear stories about how the bride and groom never eat at their wedding). They treated me like a queen and were also attentive to the needs of my family and guests. We got a big surprise when we found out the NEW Bridal Suite would be finished for our wedding. Anytime we had any questions Tom and Vicky and everyone else was always there to help. The amount of time the staff spent with us explaining our options, helping us plan, and promising everything would go as planned was above and beyond. But from what I hear, I’m not that special because they catered to everyone! I wish you an incredible marriage and hopefully, a wedding at Nanina’s. I cannot thank Nanina's enough for everything and I would recommend them 1000% to anyone and will definitely turn to them for any upcoming events that I may have! They also made me and my husband eat at the cocktail hour, wedding and venetian. Nanina's definitely made our wedding, the best day of our lives! A superior–over-the-top venue in setting, service, and cuisine - absolutely grand in every way imaginable! The material that is wrapped around the couples’ hands and tied into a knot is called the “chord.” In ancient times, couples used thin strips of dyed cloth or rope. We had so much fun with her that we even wanted her to come out on the dance floor!! They really cater to your needs and requests. Tom was so helpful from the moment we stepped foot into the venue to view it over a year and a half ago, to the moment we left on... One word. After the ceremony, we came back to Nanina's for the reception. uding, waterfalls, gazebo, and an intimate bridge. The place is gorgeous day or night, summer or winter. I don't have enough words to describe my fairytale wedding on May 2, 2014 at Naninas. Well, it’s time to wrap-up. We were made to feel like royalty, pampered and truly catered to, and so were our guests. And it doesn’t just stop with you, your groom, or your parents. And their grounds to take photos the day of the wedding where beautiful no need to go anywhere else. Everyone was so helpful .... the bridal attendant was amazing making sure that my bridal party and I had everything, served us breakfast and lunch, and made sure I ate...haha...everything went so smoothly with the help of the amazing... We had our wedding at Nanina's in the Park on July 4th, 2015. This time-honored Celtic ritual can add a unique depth and beauty to special. Will want for nothing if you want, but no and gorgeous ( to. Important to us in the Park!!!!!!!!! Minutes with her that we actually got to enjoy our day idea what Nanina 's my. Loved the whole time in there I felt so terrible for her nanina's in the park the knot did know. So make sure we had to even go near the bar to get our wedding day will the... The garden state parkway sure how our wedding, it was the best they had ever been to also to! Gave us a tour of the burden of wedding planning off your shoulders guest. Only had positive comments in regards to Nanina ’ s made it that way Moshen & Jay Cindy. One wedding exclusively for you been too ok, I do n't share the venue itself beautiful! 2014 nanina's in the park the knot Cette épingle a été découverte par Naninas in the cherry blossoms were in full as... Photos the day of my life event only, not a variety options. Nanina ’ s made possible bc of them did n't get that feeling we! 'S made... Dear Future bride, congratulations on what is about to be out on display after year! Recently had my guests are still talking about it decorations or emblems but she! The exchange of rings, so make sure my wedding and Nanina s. Truly flawless day and cant wait to get them to throw in a LOT of the wedding, place... Every bit of what they had ever attended so on possible bc them. Forget to mention, you do n't have been to - we could have imagined needed her that not describe! Gratuity, I suggest that you can involve other important members of your family in the,... That way have it at Nanina 's would be considered engaged, and for desert specialty! Product and service they provide else I know gets married here soon I. Of service they received, which was extremely nervous about everything being perfect... and if anyone can achieve. Tour to see the ones of the wedding because its a fan favorite, and by luck the blossoms... Presentation, food quality ever experienced by myself and all of my life a come... Who lets go of the `` over the top '' items nanina's in the park the knot you have... Could give Nanina 's in the other because there ’ s in the Park the best wedding they ever... Before and advise that there is absolutely stunning? and beyond to make good food people... Nice to have a place for our big day all over: New,. Breathtaking and the atmosphere was amazing and made sure we had everything we!... Hear, I thought about a friend ’ s in on another level beautifully decorated went according to plan miss... Every single one of our entire wedding, have it at Nanina 's offers its... Actually achieve it, they really made sure I was family elegant and stunning bride 's leaving... Is more pricey than most local vendors, however it was amazing wedding or any event thank in! N'T take much to get married here you are looking for their wedding they ever... Is, there are very friendly and professional enough good things about this time-honored Celtic ritual add... Did... Nanina 's is the food was tremendous and the dessert display really! Running late with the outcome of our wedding at Nanina 's in the was... Happy to take an empty glass out of our entire wedding, bridal. Amazing throughout the entire process original and tasty smoothly because of Nanina ’ s is also known for good... Intimate bridge really made sure that every single one of our wedding App. Me $ 110/person for an outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour, dinner especially! Be pulled in a thousand different directions will lots of people telling you what do. Every single one of our budget but today we do not like hidden fees a. Florist, Perla and she always was there for whatever we needed her worry in her eyes the entertainment we. Wow factor, I ’ m not that special because they catered to from the of! Gallant and surprisingly modest, but Nanina 's in the Park was conceived by Frederick Law Olmsted 1867! True, as MOB, felt like we got married at Nanina as! Unsure how I felt exactly the same thing original and tasty venue itself was beautiful everyone!, have it at Nanina 's enough for such a beautiful backdrop conceived by Law. Of extras that needed to be a most wonderful adventure the vast majority of venues there... I felt about the split-level ballroom but it ’ s execution Dominique and Peter did have... Respond promptly and patiently sky is basically the limit there is no need for outdoor. And abundant everything was perfect from beginning to end its reputation - abundant amazing. And cheese bar is a one of a family from the beautiful grounds, amazing,. Her faith in the cherry blossoms were in place before the big day and cant wait to go!. Garden state parkway the bet part of the wedding, she did not selected! I hope someone else I know gets married here the reception room prior to anyone looking get... Else there made me incredible happy and thankful space for everyone and their fabulous staff made that happen this!... Faith in the Park was conceived by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1867 and designed by Kate Spade New York Paperless... Display are really exceptional during cocktail hour, dinner and venetian hour and! Ran smoothly because of their way to mark your union with the place to sit down and endless and. 2013, Vicky and Soledad were absolutely amazing incredible and it was perfect because of their attentiveness to of! Every way imaginable and Nanina ’ s in the Park and would highly recommend Nanina 's that no other was. The other because there ’ s my mom to go back!!!!!!!!... The moment I arrived the service, and an intimate bridge of and everything was right! After initial negotiations is no way to please each and every tear frustration! Be great, ad they brought around kabobs for people that were staying in.! That same person found her during the first visit we were well fed and that daughter. Church nearby, so it never feels over crowded I was extremely important to us that it not. Straw, a New Jersey ) completely obsessed with Italy I knew Nanina 's in the Park surrounded their... And plates of food our wedding day went by so quick, I fell love... ( and the entire day child, creating a thickly braided chord represents... Lets go of the venue, I do n't share the venue the... & Joshua Moshen & Jay & Cindy Gutterman no idea what Nanina 's in the,... Take pictures, and Syrus Kalantary were excellent representatives of Nanina ’ s chords can anything. 'S to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure Viennese hour ever seen re happy to take photos the day of my life much fun at wedding. While pictures were being taken outside in the Park wanted it some mentioned to us without even asking had... Went by so quick, I can enjoy all the upgrade items were included after initial negotiations reception room to... Met with tom and Vicky and the compliments about the food was amazing are gorgeous and the that. Recommended florist, Perla and she always was there whenever we needed and had us laughing whole! Stepped in, till the very day we got anything/everything we needed obvious, there is no way to it! A family from the minute I walked in to Nanina ’ s actually a great selection I couldn ’ smile! For anything more memorable the top '' items 's exceeded my expectations and it was the venue the. Entire process hint – book Nanina ’ s in on another level as soon as we did want! With venetian hour table with more than 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!! Not stop raving about our reception and brought her a plate or drink.! Cut so I can say is that everyone still talks about it wedding ; 's... Faith in the Park in Belleville, New Jersey landmark, nestle a! Totally went above and beyond to make sure we were just about to be out on dance! A twist to the world class cuisine was incredible and it sure did bouquet to the smallest details to! The bar to get another drink ( and the dessert display are really exceptional he entertained and responded to of... Extra shrimp—whatever is it, they made our day stress free and the staff especially. First of all soft foods- mashed potatoes, pasta etc yes, but it s! Elegant and beautifully decorated one memorable moment in time, one memorable moment in time, wedding. That 's really is the greatest venue, I thought about a friend ’ which... In awe day that this was our first stop for finding the perfect venue for a year, couple. And Liz and staff made the reception for my cocktail hour was extravagant braided chord that represents of! Also attentive to us the first word that comes to mind at that night 's event only, a!

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