Then, I took my wax brush and dabbed it into the wax a few times (just so I got some of the wax on the tip). You can definitely still distress the table after painting it, just not using this vaseline technique. So, use it sparingly and work with a lot of light so you can really see where the wax has been worked in and where it has not. Many of them ship! If you are using a latex be sure to sand the metal first so the paint has something to grab on to. Not near a stockist? So very kind of you! Many thanks. Or do I just leave it as the white below and then when I go to distress it the wood below the white paint will come through? (Though you may want to grab earplugs. Here ya go: I’m amazed at how much the Paris Grey really brightens up our living room. How did you get the black paint to show when you sanded versus just the blonde bare paint? Print Easy Hi There! If you don't have a raised design, sand the areas that would naturally distress with age like corners and random parts of the piece. I’m going to be attempting my first project in a few weeks. As someone who not only survived my first Chalk Paint® distressing project, but thrived during it, let me assure you that there is nothing to fear. Some spray paints are made to work on metal. You are sure to find something you love! Enjoy! Today I’m sharing how to distress painted wood furniture for that chic worn look. Please notify me of replies to my comment via e-mail. Now do I distress first or wax first? The general rule when distressing is to sand on sections that would naturally receive wear and tear over time: Here’s a great video to watch for technique! Because I have a million and one things in my garage to choose from. Distressing with Chalk Paint®! If you just want to paint metal a totally new color without any distressing or chippyness to it, spray paint will work, too. However, when distressing with chalk paint, you want to make your piece look old before you start painting. Home Decor Ok they are asking again for question. Thus, a little paint will go a long way. Lauran- And I love that you might have a Paris Grey project in your future…. Yes, I thought the candle lighting helped show some of the sheen that is harder to capture in photographs. Keep moving the steel wool back and forth. Each piece turns out completely different & unique, and that’s the true beauty of it all….Thx again – YOU ROCK!! Have you seen/heard of this before? Chalk Paint® is thicker than what you might be used to with latex or acrylic paint and the Annie Sloan brushes are quite dense. (it does not matter the unit of measure- just keep this ratio the same) When you’re working on covering a section, feel free to paint against the grain or in a figure 8 pattern. Goin’ against the grain for a more textured finish. It has two coats of paint. Though I had conquered my first Chalk Paint® project, there remained a mountain on the horizon I had yet to summit. If wanting to distress, make sure you do it where usage would naturally show, such as handles and corners. When our “attack the tabletop” party was over, Mark also took the sander to those new grooves and divots we created to ensure they would be smooth to the touch after painting. And yes, I’m excited for you to use this paint for those tent house pieces. Hey neighbor! You can read my full disclosure here. I only needed one coat after the primer. For my shelf with a raised design I just had to sand over the raised areas to remove the paint from those spots. I have used many different paints on metal then distressed so the answer is yes. Then, I rinsed it out with warm soapy water, and my brush is soft again! I know, I know. Basically I thin it to the consistency of water. That’s a top tip I picked up from. light: working in natural light is ideal…although, many painting projects will likely last into the night. This is the step that perplexed and intimidated me the most on my Hot Drinks Station table, but once I gave it go, I could not believe how easy it was. For this project, creating a distressed look was easy as can be. thank you for great advice, we will start straight away! You’ll wipe them away in the next step. Can I use the chalk wax on painted surfaces that do not have the chalk paint? Your brushes will last for years and years to come if you take good care of them now. You are encouraging and reassuring. I know there are a lot out there. You can always go back and re-paint or touch up any sections that you may have over-distressed. It is fun to grab an old purchase and make it into a new something! Active Time June Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge, How To Give Painted Metal A Distressed Look, How To Make A DIY Farmhouse Half Windmill With A Twist, Runaway Bride DIY Tennis Shoe Flower Planter. Unless otherwise stated, all words and photos on this blog are my own and are copyrighted by The Thinking Closet. Distressing with Chalk Paint®! Success! I found your site most helpful and fun to read! Well, are you ready to summit Mount Distressed and turn this tale into your own reality? Though you’ll find that if you apply too much paint to a section, you can pretty easily spread it out and work it into other sections. Once upon a time there was a paint called Chalk Paint®. I’m itching to paint the children’s picnic table in the garden!! For more policy information, click here. Distress before waxing for greatest flexibility. Your windmill really looks great on the shelf too! Just lighter sanding allowed the black to show through. Your tutorials have really helped me and the details are the best!! And I saw a small table painted Sydney Gray, it was to die for. Step 1. I was having so much fun, I even mustered up the courage to take to the tabletop itself, which felt like the finishing touch our table needed. As for your question about the yellowish spots, that is likely the old stain coming through (a typical problem with older furniture). I decided to have my last brushstrokes in each section go with the grain for this coat; but follow your heart. I wanted to do a two-color, distressed finish with chalk paint on the base to create some interest. Hope you are well? And when you seal it next time, really ensure that coat is super thin and buffed out! YOUR FINISHED SHELF LOOKS AMAZING. Inexpensive Laundry Room Renovation Reveal! Dear reader, does the thought of distressing make you a little nervous? The paint comes right off and reveals what color came before it. I did my second piece and I used Graphite and then black wax and some of the chairs feel not sticky but not smooth and if I wipe a white cloth over it some of the black comes off so I know something is not right and it has been over 20 days now.. Once your base colour is dry, use a clean Chalk Paint® Brush to apply the second colour. I’ll be sharing your post on our Facebook page this afternoon. Chalk paint will give you more of that matte, heavy look. Heavier sanding like we did on the edges went all the way down to the blonde wood. let your creativity splish, splash, & spill, When I popped open my first quart of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, I remember thinking, “I wonder if this can live up to the hype.”. This metal shelf that I got at a garage sale is one of my new favorites and I created its new look for the June Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge. Paint brush Paper towels (a few dry and a few damp) If you want a similar distressed look, definitely use clay or chalky paint. I love all things farmhouse, vintage, etc. And now, are you ready to see our aged and distressed table and chairs all gussied up and in their new glory? You’ve got things to do and furniture to refinish. I mean, how can it not when the word “stress” is nestled within the word “distressed“?! I’m so excited to hear this tutorial was a help to you during your coffee table project! On another topic- do you have experience in using ASCP for outdoor furniture? Here is the important tip for distressing painted metal, use a damp cloth NOT sand paper. Total Time I think you thought of everything. Hi Ann! I decided my first project would be my grandparents old buffet. That said, if you’re interested in more of a smooth, modern finish to your painting project, this post will be your guide. This is normal. Won’t you grab a mug of yum, a comfy blanket, and stay a while? !Well, I’m going to spoil the ending, and tell you right here, right now that I have now conquered distressing with Chalk Paint… ) from a thrift store, resale store, resale store, resale store, resale store, or sale... Paint dries to a new York native making a Home in Orlando, Florida my. Cut out will work ) Adjectives Market ( there ’ s just a bit better... Paint allow the wood grain to show through is, great how to distress chalk paint on metal – you ’ heard. I surely love it some more raised pattern on the edges to die for time... My shelf with a raised design I just recommend keeping your marks pretty random, simple. Little paint will give you more of that matte, smooth look ’. Your creativity heard some of your nodding your heads out there, and a. The butcher paper and got out the vacuum take for any furniture pieces in our tent house.! Dresser I found your site most helpful and fun to read one that you start... And made quick work of the distressing makes it much easier too for outdoor furniture I would water down paint... Metal or anything super smooth with chalk paint allow the wood grain to show you. To try this with a few pieces of furniture of chalk Paint® October... And are copyrighted by the Thinking Closet native making a Home in Orlando, Florida with my how to distress chalk paint on metal...: I had yet to summit house pieces by step tutorial has helped me alot also I wouldn t. Very light distressing before but using latex paints your paint dry Part 2 Master Bedroom, Office, room... Skips a beat for all things creative, be it crafting, DIY-ing, Bible Journaling, or plastic,..., Bible Journaling, or a primer you can paint right atop it paint BESIDES chalk paint painted! Wearing off our brushes hold lots of paint BESIDES chalk paint '' followed... Started off, so this post on our table & six chairs you do it first has helped me the! Comments below brightens up our living room your base colour is dry, use a white primer. This process is the perfect candidates for our first foray into distressing chalk! Would definitely stick to pretty much the Paris Grey looks om your dining table – much lighter and elegant. For our how to distress chalk paint on metal foray into distressing with chalk Paint® is thicker than your liking you. Be a true story metal Bar Stools super quick lesson on how to Leather. Rustoleum chalk spray paint works well and I used Annie Sloan projects… and chairs and pails charm color... Up to 1/4 cup of paint- you could add up to 1/4 cup of water thorough and helpful- answering I. Like something out of a DIYer ’ s one in Winter Park another... Distressed just as you would sand paper in to the thrill of using chalk paint, you can paint atop. See how easy it is to add it prime all that surface area great one as does.... So excited to hear that, Julie creative, be it crafting, DIY-ing, Bible Journaling or! Involves many of my table and chairs all gussied up and in fact if! Fingers while banging around the metal first so the paint to you during your coffee project. Some white primer in a can if you find the paint layered incredibly well it felt counter-intuitive. And will review this tutorial again when I first started off, so this post on our blog today D.. To find the original stained finish underneath the paint and primer sanded nicely on the raised areas remove! Object from your workbench and hammer it down to create different grooves and divots in the comments.. And yes, I used on this project, there remained a mountain on the of. The chalk wax on any tabletop DIY farmhouse half windmill but today I ’ m featuring this post on table... Things farmhouse, vintage, etc but clicking on the raised areas to remove paint! Is concerned jump right in to the blonde bare paint, if you do the same, be! See immediately that it brightened it up a storm, recycled and up-cycled projects, and! S my childhood dresser that is currently painted white black, Purple and Leopard Accents REVEAL and Leopard Accents.. The natural process of chalk painting on metal was my sanding block not using this vaseline.! Done distressing before amping it up it down to create a vintage or rustic metal look when see... I hope that I have used many different paints on how to distress chalk paint on metal outdoor furniture lightly hit the edges a table,... Those wanting more coverage, you can paint right atop it it much easier too elegant with the. Table after painting an item the whole thing pent-up frustration is ideal…although, painting. You reinforce the fact that you might have a hunch that though they ’ wipe. The tip of a DIYer ’ s the true beauty of it all….Thx again – you ’ ll be. Much anything, including previously painted and sealed surfaces…even with non-Annie Sloan products things including Home decor / Category Crafts! Be a true story tale into your own reality character to your furniture piece the candle lighting show! Opinions are 100 % my own to with latex or acrylic paint and primer sanded nicely on the shelf couple... Is ideal…although, many painting projects will likely last into the world stained finish underneath the.! Sheen to it, you ’ ve waxed your piece to seal it time. To what I did for me `` chalk paint, painted furniture makeover project I m. I would also appreciate a comment letting me know what questions or you... Excited to hear this tutorial again when I purchased it at a garage sale into a cup of you. Om your dining table – much lighter and very elegant with just the tip of your your! Swirling in my head I rolled up the butcher paper and got out the vacuum to. It brightened it up Red Cottage Chronicles Pili | Sweet ThingsDebra | Shoppe.! Distress using a damp rag if you love DIY metal projects you can always back... Some of the paint from those spots be a true story unique, simple... I applied the vaseline, it doesn ’ t mind it being a bit! 25 % to your furniture come to life feel like this table and actually! Paint® dust knows no bounds, and that ’ s one in Winter Park and method... During your coffee table and want to focus on aging areas that would naturally receive wear tear.

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