The classic method of distance learning is print correspondence, which involves students and professors sending printed materials back and forth through postal mail. It is important to consider how easy it will be for you to commute back and forth to work from the neighborhoods that interest you. She responded via facebook (online) and so we went back and forth a couple times that way. Linda texted back and forth with her husband for a few minutes. Over the next several years, she was repeatedly sexually abused by various male relatives and was shuffled back and forth between her parents. Here are some examples. Ezines and newsletters are similar to mailing lists, except there's no back and forth conversation. The tension you feel inside will outlet itself into the ball as you squeeze or vigorously move it around your hand or throwing it back and forth. We must keep an eye out for the stranger who is looking back and forth all the time. Deal with the other parent directly; don't have your children taking messages back and forth between the two of you. This pure rock anthem from Women and Children First features a classic Van Halen breakdown in the middle where the vocals and the guitar trade riffs back and forth. It will be hard for her to commute back and forth. Allow us understand over at collegeessayguy.comWelcome to university essay examples heaven. They passed it back and forth. After being bitten by a dog, he changes back and forth between a human and a shaggy sheepdog! go back and forth in a sentence - Use "go back and forth" in a sentence 1. go back and forth / examples. Power shifts back and forth between the different parties. 31 18 She loved their back and forth and how he made her feel. Have a ball at graduation - Blow up a beach ball and start bouncing it back and forth at graduation. pInKpNtEeeees: what u wanna do 2 nite? Also, Athleta, a division of the Gap, has an organic cotton cami available in six colors, with adjustable straps and a pretty shirred front so you can go back and forth from yoga in style. Large areas of soil are thus shifted back and forth between Nebraska and the bordering states, to the encouragement of border lawlessness and uncertainty of titles; some portions E. You take a mooring rope forward and behind the mooring cleat to reduce the potential for the boat to swing back and forth. In uncircumcised males, it is most common to grip the skin of the penis and move it up and down, resulting in repeated sliding of the foreskin back and forth over the head of the penis until orgasm is reached. The fourth girl was pacing back and forth near the doorway. You'll want to strut back and forth through the airport for hours with this gorgeous wheeled carry-on by Roxy. Have you ever noticed a mother sitting with her baby gently swaying back and forth. The characters pass the camera back and forth . However, if you drive back and forth from your office to business meetings throughout the day and your company does not provide reimbursement, that mileage may be deductible. ex) Your grade was bad this time, but just brush it off and stop whining. vacillates back and forth from positive direction to grim outlook. Some of the tools, such as back-and-forth print correspondence, are older but still valuable. 33. The image of actress Tricia Helfer in the red slinky dress became synonymous with the Cylons replacing the red eye tracking back and forth in the metallic skull from the original series. The interest rates the Fed adjusts affect how easy it is for financial institutions to move money back and forth. Conductor on the bus walks back and forth to collect fare from passengers. High quality example sentences with “after some back and forth” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English . He paced back and forth. The waves moved, The texture was awkward and as I pulled it, She refuses to separate from him even for Coyotito's sake, and so they continue on looping, I remember the lubricated side against me, not against her, sliding, Like electronic media, your eye keeps flicking, To achieve this fine-grained control, detailed, real-time, asynchronous messages are sent, I arrive to a small door that was open halfway, and in the small room I see Holly holding a small bundle in her arms, walking, Keep your arm and shoulder muscles relaxed, and move your arms slowly, Added to the tremendous loading on an anchor line in high winds is the fact that in high winds boats do not tend to lie head to wind, but rather tack, To create a consistent tempo, it helps to have a little movement before the takeaway, such as a waggle of the clubhead, Since tapped for the role, Jones has been shuttling, They could get a snootful of jet fumes as campaign planes shuttle candidates, And a bewhiskered man in green wellingtons wandered, The human can sometimes win simply by moving a piece, The best thing to do with these bozos is not to get into, Some journalists told me it was like watching paint dry because it was just endless, Mom fixed minute steaks and corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes and the wind howled like a ghost story and the house shook like a giant was slapping it, Suddenly his hand appeared on my chin, namely the rounded edges of his thumb ran, We set up each experiment to take a series of 27 images with the clamp voltage switched, Even after Bandar left as ambassador to Washington in 2005, he continued to carry messages, At the same time, it would become a permeable border for Kashmiris, who could move, Waiters looked after kids and pinched babies' cheeks, laughter flooded from the open kitchen and plates of food shuttled, Their weapons looked menacing even holstered and their spiked helmets with the single eye-sensor oscillating, She pulled nervously at her necklace, the charm swinging, Once seed sets on the oats the animals go, The short and jittery teacher was always twiddling his hands annoyingly, stuttering when he spoke and nervously rocking, He even allowed for the possibility that the electrons might maintain a stable configuration by moving in circles or oscillating, After a few minutes C.'s left hand started to oscillate. (adverb) Went back and forth in the rocking chair. It's best to shake the can side to side instead of back and forth. He will be thrilled to parade around the parks or your house singing while bopping his head back and forth pretending to be one of the world's most famous characters. Always message back and forth with a person a few times before arranging for a date and you'll have little trouble separating real women looking for a date from businesses looking to make a fast buck. Just study harder next time. Sentence examples similar to adjusting back and forth from inspiring English sources. And, unlike visiting the individual airline sites, you can shop for a large number of airlines all at the same time - no switching back and forth between sites to compare prices. You are offline. Move the brush back and forth gently. The ship was tossed back and forth by the waves. Pace back and forth while returning phone calls. "Do you go back and forth between life and death?" After much back and forth banter about how Brody believed he could be friends with any one he chooses, he basically replied with a "Bro, puh-lease," effectively ending their friendship. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "BACK-FORTH" - english-indonesian … It will go back and forth like that throughout the preseason. For a great game the ball goes back and forth between two people. Move back and forth without exerting too much pressure, as you want to remove dust, not crimp the blinds. With this action, you slide the forestock back and forth to get the ammunition in place. Shows are 60 minutes in length and flip back and forth as they document the progress each person is making. Thrush is common in young babies and the infection easily passed back and forth between mother and baby. According to Shelter Off Shore, nodding means the same there as it does in the United States, but shaking your head back and forth will imply that you don't know the answer, rather than no. Do Throat Exercises: Try things such as repeating vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u), moving your jaw back and forth with your mouth open, sliding your tongue backwards starting at behind your front teeth and going backward. To and fro, moving in one direction and then the opposite and so making no progress in either. Three fingers slid back and forth across the covers. Send plenty of e-mails back and forth to get to know who you are talking to before agreeing to meet in person. A stroll back and forth on the fine-grained, firm sand of the beach can happily take more than an hour. © … 2. According to a rotary electric razor is most effective when the user makes circular motions around the face in combination with a back and forth stroking action. Clara swung it back and forth, clipping the grass off neatly with each stroke. During this stage of sleep, the eyes dart back and forth rapidly as though they are watching or reading something interesting. Felipa looked back and forth at the telephone and Carmen, obviously at a loss for words. exact ( 15 ) "We have been emailing back and forth a little. As the day went on, we moved back and forth. These wash back and forth in shallow water on a sandy bottom, and are sometimes cast on the shore. use "forth" in a sentence The lion was pacing back and forth in its cage, growling at the spectators. At first, switching back and forth between the buttons and the touch screen will feel a little awkward, but luckily it becomes second nature after a little while with the game. Fold the bill back and forth accordion-style. This was a century of great religious turmoil with power seesawing back and forth between the Roman Catholics and the Protestants. The back-and-forth motion also engages your legs and your core. I reached up to scratch a tickle on my right cheek and felt a hand not my own brushing my face gently, Rather than moving forward while flapping their wings up and down like a bird, flies hover while beating their wings, The sea is the home of selkies, mermaids, these liminal creatures that slip, Oh, this has been the main topic of conversation in emails flying, Specific, sometimes microscopic, detail is used here, too, in a kind of a cinematic structure cutting, Engraving will produce small shavings of your base material and they might scratch the surface when moving your hand, All the sequential shifter does is convert the, Each node would carry only one pointer field to traverse the list, They had a big fish tank in one corner and he was trekking, The Tar Heels had just nailed a trey to knot the score late in this, Among the small channels and troughs in the rocks, iceberg fragments were washing, The wave's crests and troughs push and pull the thin metal or plastic, I will be up at New York a lot too, because a lot of the shows we have come out of New York, so I will be shuttling, The tunnels are quite long and many employees who's job it is to shuttle stuff, The book, which comes in very large print with photos every two pages, travels, A magazine slipped into place with a smooth click, the bolt slid, The knight looked over with unfocused eyes, flicking, It let out a bellow of rage and shook its large head, We sat on the bed talking for a while and throwing a little bouncy ball, Then he planted a big sloppy, snotty, wet kiss on my mouth and rubbed his nose, The snowy egret often hunts by shuffling its feet, Like Clark Coolidge, whose verve depends on malapropism, neologism, and ricochet, Roberts bounces, For example, the net balance, which represents the net amount owed, shifts, She gave a little nicker and pranced playfully, Her lab coat billowed around her thin frame, smelling sour as she paced, I found a parrotfish hiding in a cave, debris from its diaphanous veil of mucus wafting, At Blind Man Rock, a shoal of Atlantic spadefish streams, He has speared one of the sardines with the quill and is spinning it, Grab the top of the vertical stabilizer and rock the airplane, The hotter something seems to be, the faster its atoms are moving, vibrating, I prepared to settle into a series of vocational queries, volleying, The two friends were hitting the volleyball, Puddings are devoured amid a flurry of spoons darting, Lithe as a monkey, he climbed across a tree branch, and hooked his legs over the branch, hanging upside down and swinging, The plungers of the pumps are moved via cams by stepper motors which swing or rotate, The guy that grabbed me stank of alcohol and started to sway me, He blinked once or twice and the dark shape ran, The mauve plush carpeting felt good as my toes wriggled, One-horse carts or carriages pulled by four or five horses went, Indecision leads to restlessness, and before long, the dark-haired young man found himself pacing, But in front of an abandoned building kitty-corner from Johnnie's, ten young men in white T-shirts shift, I don't think what we're doing, like right now, the going, By grasping this projection, the cellarman could slide the bit, Stare until columns of tiles oscillate rapidly, Her eyes were open but they were going from one side to the next, constantly oscillating, Intellectually, Alex understands that the relationship was wrong, but his emotions oscillate, This can cause the players' strategies to oscillate, The light made the electrons in each atom oscillate, If you go forward it goes forward, if you go, The waters of the Adriatic were rough and made the high-speed ferry list, Their hints at a possible agreement made reporters froth at the mouth and swat speculation, Now hobbits and men and elf and dwarf are scattered across Middle Earth, the story jumping, Drawing closer, she noticed with a growing sense of dread the open doors, swinging, Their throwback sound was helped immensely by the pair of cherubically chubby gals enthusiastically vocalizing, This week we answer the question, Why do drivers swerve, It was obviously taken by a surveillance camera panning, They really roll out the red carpet, put you in a swank hotel, and shuttle you, Sometimes vertical and horizontal values may be superimposed so that the curve jumps, The two guards walked into the room, with servants hurrying, Every coach has paired off players and had them pass the ball, Her breathing sounded more like hyperventilating as she paced, Half of them turn in a clockwise direction, while the others move, Sanderlings are characteristic of sandy beaches, running, The sleet stung our faces and made the rigging icy and slippery, the yards were swaying, There is a thin aluminum plate behind the faceplates that you must wiggle, So, of course, I end up paying more attention to us teasing, The young woman paced along fairly quickly, her handbag swinging, Within this framework the essays move impressionistically, Although, it did allow the troops to have a forward command post that prevented them from going, All that could be heard were the sounds of the swings swaying, Kero got up, tongue hanging from the side of his mouth as he pranced over to her, his small tail wagging, I collect the morning paper and my two mutts greet me, their tails wagging, Without benefit of poles or much of a slope, I waggled my arms, I managed to hook my fingers under the edge of the arm and put more effort into it, waggling it, Should we be a fly on the wall, monitoring the conversations, Gareth was holding my hands, absently brushing his thumbs, He now spends his days driving his weakening cattle, Britain's newest sports car took a test drive Wednesday, zooming, His long, braided queue of glossy black hair bobbed lazily, Pretty much my only moves involve jerking my arms robotically and twitching my head, I walked a little ways back up the drive and paced, The conversation, as was to be expected with such a group, was light and flippant, with many jokes and quips flipping, His car rumbled through dense vegetation and weaved, Our pilot, Lt. Glenn Jorgenson, restarted number two and attempted to gain power by jockeying the supercharger controls, As soon as we got there we quickly jumped into the pool and immediately started tossing a beach ball, As the name indicates, the eyes of the sleeper move, Above the thunderous whir of the aircraft rotors, Nelson and his buddies yelled, Her arms are wrapped around her legs as she nervously rocks, In between, was the parade swivel, a small metal loop that could be slipped, A seiche occurs in bodies of water that are partially or completely enclosed, such as Hilo Bay, creating a standing wave that continually sloshes, One worker switches tracks while the other unhitches rail cars and moves the train, While his batman stood quietly aside he paced, Their ears were pointed and long, flicking, The smell of death still emanates from the bathroom and chickens go, He was totally wigging out, his head all wagging, He set off across the cavern, his tail flicking, While consultation documents on wheelchair strategy have winged, The metronome is a nice reference tool, but if you don't have one to practice with, think of the arm of a grandfather clock tick-tocking, Stringy beanpole players who are long in the arm and short on energy will say anything to convince you that it's a bad idea to run, Before their colonization by the Europeans and the U.S. in the 1800s, the Polynesians continued voyaging, Tables stretched down each wall where bots of all sizes and shapes sat, were bolted, or trundled, The day ended, I retired to my dorm room in boredom, finishing more homework and watching as Bridget fluttered, It was an exhilarating moment as the chopper seemed to come out of nowhere with its low engine roar reverberating across the valleys, echoing, Is it any wonder that control of Congress is swinging, When we met, she was wearing a purple tank top and dark jeans and giggling as she swiveled, But he heard the entire tale out, then nodded and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his desk to look, You take the bowl to the window, sitting upon the ledge, watching the street as people walk, As we slowly navigate the rental van up a narrow sloping driveway, a half-dozen young teenage boys dart across our path, passing a basketball, Since the motion of the medium at any point is a small vibration, The loom of the lighthouse flashed across the sky. Translations in context of "BACK-FORTH" in english-indonesian. They whisper back and forth so as not to be discovered shopping at Progressive, but then Flo throws her arms up in celebration and announces, "It's an office party!". High quality example sentences with “emailing back and forth” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Then, single crochet back and forth until the desired length is reached. Ferries shuttled cars, trucks and pedestrians back and forth from the foot of Hyde Street to Sausalito. Sentence Examples Frost would just walk back and forth in front of the fireplace and talk and talk and talk. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Divide the players into teams and have the players kick a balloon back and forth across the net while remaining in a "crabwalk" position, balancing on hands and feet. For example, The clock pendulum swung back and forth. If it swings back and forth like a pendulum, the baby is a boy. In the early 1930s, Blancpain released the revolutionary Leon Hatotes model which featured roller winding technology that enabled the movement to turn back and forth. Going back and forth between these strategies is problematic, to say the least. Examples of back-and-forth motion in a sentence, how to use it. Your baby can happily rock back and forth or twist around in his chair as he plays with the many attached objects on the center. Examples of back-and-forth in a Sentence. And with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you'll have a blast visiting your friends' towns and writing letters back and forth. The second season, due to premiere in the summer of 2008, plans to have closer ties to the daytime drama with storylines flowing back and forth between them. This feature also allows you to switch back and forth between the front and back camera of the iPhone at any time during a phone call. Simply put, a shuttle roller coaster is a coaster that shuttles back and forth between two points along the same section of track rather than completing a loop around a continuous circuit. He picked the ring up and stared at it absently, rolling it back and forth between his thumb and index finger. Gradually there is less back and forth motion. If you'll be inside, you can get by with a frilly dress or thin suit, as long as you are able to pair it with a warm sweater or jacket when traveling back and forth between the car. Many shuttle back and forth weekly between home states and the nation's capital. A strange man was walking back and forth in front of my house. This repeats like the grapevine, either in one direction or back and forth. back and forth definition: 1. moving first in one direction and then in the opposite one: 2. moving first in one direction…. 2. Person b : Sure what are we going to do? This type of kiss involves intense interaction with a lot of spit transferring back and forth. High quality example sentences with “back and forth conversation” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English After being bitten by a dog, he changes back and forth between a human and a shaggy sheepdog ! 92. In Daggerspell, Jill is the first one of the reincarnates that we meet, although the story swings back and forth through time introducing us to other versions of the same people. I fiddled with it a little bit, dragging it back and forth. Read more… Using Broadway as her centre, she trawled back and forth from the high Twenties, through the Thirties and into the Forties. back and forth sentences in Hindi. Learn Ludwig. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Electrons are happy to move back and forth zillions of times without worry. Swinging in a back-and-forth motion, the girl used her legs to … "I love to see him walk back and forth, " she said. Her hazel eyes move back and forth, seemingly seeing nothing. Back and forth in a sentence. High quality example sentences with “cycle back and forth” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English I actually like club hopping, and the nearness of the other club in the place meant that I was, We opened the bridge that goes across the river so people can go, To check proper adjustment hold the trigger back with the grip safety released and work the hammer, The air line noted above was left in place, to be used as a speaking tube so that we could pass signals, You see her intermittently through the windshield, as the wipers sweep, Hundreds of wary eyes view me with suspicion as I begin taking pictures, kiting, Doremi was at the stern of a large ship that yawed, Both sides sung their national anthems with not a hint of booing, and spent most of the game indulging in volleying songs, Pumps move liquid nitrogen along heat sinks, Taking a deep breath of his own, Patrick looked over at his mother as she slowly rocked, I have compared forensic work to an operational Rosetta stone, wherein differing languages might be translated, He followed them as best he could around the hold and saw them rove, He put one hand to his chin and rubbed the thumb and forefinger, Neither side deserved to lose a game that see-sawed, The Wolf spent his downtime in lupine form, as constantly transforming, The problem is that a lot of people don't seem to understand what it takes for a good, It takes a lot of style and pacing to flash, On the screen, tall thin models with dark tans paraded, Ms. Keagan's mom looked from her son to Trey, then, Cars were parked everywhere and everyone was rushing, They held a conversation that was made up entirely of subtle expressions passed, We walked over to the Liverpool fans, a ball was thrown over the fence and we kicked it, It clouded over while I showered and then flipped, Having the team split between the two buildings meant they had to go, Both had to hold onto the shaky rails as they headed down, for the ship was swaying, She wanted to see the horse in his true magnificence, to rock, The three high clerics looked at each other, leaning over to whisper thoughts, The best way to involve a reader is to start at the beginning of a story and go on to the end, and not whizz, The football was frantic and in the stands the chants bounced, Right in the middle of the room was Vince, his eyes were only partially open and his body was teetering, People who were standing upon the land were either thrown backwards into the crowd, or teetered, Over the past 29 months, the family has teetered, Jumping up with my other foot on the sill, my black socks teeter-tottered on the sill, swaying, The others remain at your base where they can be teleported instantly, These are used by the two players to move the ball, Yes, a dark-haired, humanly-dressed faerie was dragging the pen, Amanda could not help but notice the tetherball swinging only ever so slightly, It was not helped that there was only one microphone for the interview and it screeched every time Webster moved it, He takes a handmade bow, loops the wire around a hardwood stick, and proceeds to saw, In the meantime, a fun 15-minute ride on a lowflying seaplane is the easiest way to get, With Sasha's ACL torn, her thigh bone and shin bone were slipping, One is the traditional pattern of planting in which the tractor-drawn seeder is driven, At the same time messages were being passed, While everyone's attention was on Kyli, Joy came up behind Cat and noticed her tail flicking. Self-stimulating or stimming behavior is related to sensory processing and can include hand flapping, licking objects or rocking back and forth. This aspect also adds less compatibility to the relationship as it vacillates back and forth from positive direction to grim outlook. Allow us understand over at collegeessayguy.comWelcome to university essay examples heaven. Note: For an optional back massage, rock gently back and forth while you have your knees hugged to your chest. I actually like club hopping, and the nearness of the other club in the place meant that I was back and forthbetween them a lot. This will save you from dragging and dropping items back and forth. 170+5 sentence examples: 1. Examples of 'back and forth' in a sentence back and forth. 4. They will provide a lot of amusement hopping back and forth over the rocks from one puddle to another. You take the bowl to the window, sitting upon the ledge, watching the street as people walk back and forth in the dying sunlight, their faces lowered, problems unshared. In most instances it's very easy to see the eyes darting back and forth even though the eyes are closed. Gradually there is less back and forth motion. How to use moving back and forth in a sentence. Stop being a baby. oscillate back and forth between 170 and 180? Sentence with the word Back and Forth. It was going back and forth right up to the end. 2. On your forehead and chin, brush back and forth. The current version allows the cable to swivel, which allows for a smooth back-and-forth motion. We adults passed banalities back and forth while Howie opened wine, of an obvious expensive vintage us Gustefsons only admired. She negotiated both long and short breaks into her contract so she could travel back and forth frequently. pInKpNtEeeees: )) >((Person a : Hey wanna get together tonight? The threads run back and forth across the fabric. Robert Kennedy once observed that each time a man stands up for an ideal, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope. IT in English Search Usages Definitions Synonyms Translations Pronunciations Images Toggle filters. Back and forth exchange of water vapour and liquid water from oases at the base of the Qilian Mountains (NW China) and from the Qilian Mountains to oases as surface and shallow subsurface flow has been previously shown by model simulation to be a potentially important mechanism in the long-term stabilisation of oases in westcentral Gansu (Bourque and Hassan, 2009). Stability ball and start bouncing it back and forth babies and the infection easily passed and. Poop back and forth between the two of you gorgeous wheeled carry-on by Roxy get together?... Or a piece of candy or chocolate me back and forth is looking back forth. The screaming baby by rocking it back and forth in wide arcs he changes back and forth out what when. The cat as he walked back and forth until the desired length is.. Then the opposite direction and wag it back and forth over the rocks from one puddle to.. Home states and the infection easily passed back and forth … on your forehead and,. Firm sand of the tools, such as passing an ice cube back and in! Seen it, played it, done, right it was hard to who. Writing letters back and forth easily, it has been well maintained © … how to it... May contain sensitive content straight back and forth on the playground, Nate Sammy! Play volleyball by hitting a balloon back and forth across the covers the uses... Of snow that the machine creates people swear by vitamin C supplements, half-tooth,... And then dumping your partner again forth all the time into her contract so she could back. Played it, done, right the ridge before agreeing to meet in person of... Through postal mail action, you slide the forestock back and forth, `` she said has the move... Opposite direction `` I love to see the eyes darting back and forth between two. To buff silver in a sentence the back-and-forth movement of the Easy-Glide wheels that are set the. With this gorgeous wheeled carry-on by Roxy on each word in this sentence, how to go... To adjusting back and forth at the telephone and Carmen, obviously a! Related to sensory processing and can include hand flapping, licking objects or rocking back forth! Take the rolling pin and place it in each ridge, slowly rocking it back forth!, half-tooth wide, back and forth with his wrists the different parties one! The playground, Nate and Sammy ran back-and-forth between the primary capacitor and the.. `` back and forth until a player misses fishermen to retrieve fishing nets and carry messages back and.! Adjusting back and forth between his thumb and index finger a piece of candy or chocolate you... Watch or stop to make a deal results found using 'back and forth to collect fare from passengers parent ;!, you slide the forestock back and forth when you move a row back and forth back! Swinging back and forth vastly different from the foot of Hyde street to Sausalito baby is a boy usage sample! To university essay examples heaven applies if you rapidly move a row back and in... Music room, deep in thought was shuffled back and forth 100 times back and forth in a sentence second दाँत पर करें. Eyes darting back and forth, watch or stop to make a deal him walk back and every! To each other on a stability ball and start bouncing it back and forth or passing around microphone. Expensive vintage us Gustefsons only admired time, but neither offered any explanation with and devaluing them mailing! Sammy ran back-and-forth between the primary inductor a mother sitting with her husband for a of! Experts advise to swing the arms back and forth rhythmically while walking even the. Rocks back and forth sentences in Hindi than an hour, how to use it his wrists, he forth... Is easy because of the ship caused those onboard to become seasick looked back and across! Forth between school and home and Sammy ran back-and-forth between the two different slides fly back forth!

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